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Buick Lucerne: Getting Insured

Buying a new car is a big decision, and you should weigh the pros and cons before making a choice. The Lucerne is a full-size, luxury sedan in Buick’s lineup. It starts at an MSRP of around $29,000. However, as a new car buyer, you’re going to want to look at the costs of ownership. The fuel economy on this car gets an estimated 18/27 MPG which is less than stellar. In addition, luxury cars tend to be a little bit more expensive than other cars to insure. If you’d like to learn how to save on Buick Lucerne insurance, read on.

Buick Lucerne: Ratings & Reviews

The Lucerne is known for its roomy interior and relatively peaceful, quiet drive. However, it is lacking in both design and performance. It looks like a relic from Buick’s past; generally the Lucerne’s competition surpasses expectations, whereas the Lucerne only deigns to meet them.

It’s offered in 4 trims: CX, CXL, CXL Premium and the Super. The base CX trim level comes standard with a fair bit of equipment including: automatic headlamps, fog lamps, 17 inch alloy wheels, power front seats, power accessories, keyless entry, air-conditioning, Onstar, and a six-speaker audio system with CD player. You can also add to the base model by purchasing the car with the convenience package, which changes air conditioning to automatic climate control, and gives you Bluetooth capability.

The CXL adds a bit of class to the Lucerne with leather upholstery, and a bit of comfort with heated front seats and the aforementioned convenience package. The CXL Premium trim nets you a blind-spot warning system, chromed alloy wheels, and a premium 9-speaker stereo.

Last, but not least, the Super trim upgrades the Lucerne with a V8 engine. In addition to this, it comes standard with sunroof, touchscreen navigation system, and magnetic steering.

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Buick Lucerne: Associated Insurance Costs

Insurance rates will vary from driver to driver and insurer to insurer. However, on average Lucerne drivers have paid around $1,300 for their monthly insurance premiums.

There is one surefire way to save on car insurance. Do your research beforehand, and get at least 3 quotes from separate insurers. That way you can compare and contrast as not every insurer will have the same discounts or incentives.

In addition to this, there are several factors that can help or harm you like driving history. This is a good measure of responsibility; if you are a responsible driver, you will likely see your insurance premiums drop.

Buick Lucerne: Safety Ratings

Safety scores can help lower your insurance premium. The 2011 Lucerne got 5/5 stars on front and rollover crash tests performed by the federal government. However, on side impact tests, it received a lackluster 2/5 stars. Overall it was given a rating of 3/5 stars. The IIHS gave the Lucerne mixed tests as well. It received a score of good on frontal crash tests, a score of acceptable on side crash tests, and a low score of marginal in rear crash tests.

Buick Lucerne: Insurance Quotes

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