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EInsurance Insurance company is a part of EINSURE services, a company which provides free online access for customers searching for quotes and information on car insurance. Through their website, you can acquire many different quotes from several insurance providers. And it isn’t limited to car insurance, either; can provide you with access to home, health, and commercial insurance also.

EInsurance auto insurance company opened its doors back in 1992 under the name Specialty Programs, Ltd. Four years later, the company purchased web domains and began specializing in providing insurance to consumers online. The company recognized the potential of selling insurance to an online market, even before some of the major auto insurance companies began offering account services via their website.

When other companies began to jump onto the bandwagon, many made the mistake of spending a lot of money in order to attract traffic to their site. They relied upon volume in order to meet their bottom line. However, during the early days of the internet, customers were hesitant to make online purchases. While many of those sites went under because they spent too much time and energy on attracting site traffic, the company instead focused on slower, steady growth and  providing customers with a comprehensive online shopping experience.

Einsurance Auto Policy Discounts

  • No Car Accidents or Claims Past 3-5 Years
  • No Moving Car Violations
  • No Lapse in Insurance Coverage
  • Credit Score
  • Driver Education and Safety Courses
  • Owning your motor-vehicle and/or home
  • Vehicle Safety Rating
  • Anti-Theft Devices
  • Location Car is Parked or Driving Mileage

The Quote Comparison Business Model

When EInsurance insurance company first began its online operations, the general goal was to provide customers with access to multiple insurance quotes in one convenient location. But in addition to providers and quotes, they also offer a plethora of information for the consumer.

If you, as a consumer, are also looking for information on specialty insurance products or information on financial service providers, the company has got you covered there too. In addition, there are various online tools accessible via the website which can make searching for insurance easier. One of these tools, the online glossary of terms, can help consumers translate the industry-specific insurance jargon which some might find confusing or overwhelming.

One common trend, especially in the early days of the company, was for customers to compare quotes online and then call with questions about policies or to ask for more information. It took several years before customers felt comfortable enough to purchase insurance directly from an online provider. Also, some people just feel better about their insurance when they purchase it from a human being they can either sit with or contact over the phone. For this reason, the company makes sure to offer potential clients options while they search online. In you compare quotes on EInsurance and find something you like, direct to carrier, direct to agent and indirect to aggregation portals. In the end we found that a combination of the above gives the best experience to our customers.

If you visit the Einsurance car insurance site today, you will see an ever changing presentation of insurance products and services designed for the consumer. They continue to evolve and mold the site as their audience’s needs change. Hope you will find their site useful and helpful in your search for insurance answers and insurance quotes.

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