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Company Overview

Nationwide Insurance Company started out in 1925 as Farm Bureau Mutual in Columbus, Ohio. Columbus retains company headquarters, but the company has grown and expanded tremendously to become one of the top 10 insurance providers in the United States. Nationwide now includes more than 40 financial and insurance companies and employs tens of thousands of individuals in the insurance industry alone. They can boast a rate of 95% customer satisfaction with subsidiaries across the country.

Nationwide diverts plenty of money to charitable causes. They are athletic sponsors and also made a huge donation to Columbus Children’s Hospital. As a result, it was renamed Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Nationwide Car Insurance Business

Nationwide Insurance is a full-service insurer selling all kinds of policies. Their clients are new drivers in their teens and elderly people insuring their last vehicles before giving up their licenses. Nationwide car insurance policies include schemes for new drivers, drivers with more experience, and group rates for commercial policy holders. Their clients are both individuals and companies.

Why Choose Nationwide For Car Insurance

Why should a consumer select Nationwide Car Insurance when there are so many different insurance companies to choose from across the country? One reason is that they do not just cover car owners. They carry a wide range of products including household and life insurance.

Another reason is that the company makes it easy to get a quote online. If you like to do your research from the comfort of your home office, then use their website to find an agent and get an estimate conveniently. They even post free safety advice for drivers of all ages and in various stages, including parents.

The better driver you are, the more opportunities there are to save. In fact, for every year you manage to go without making a claim, Nationwide will knock $100 off of your deductible to a $500 maximum. This is a major incentive in this competitive industry, where the deductible is what usually stops clients from claiming costs associated with minor repairs. Once that is paid and a claim is made, consumers note that the rise in their insurance fees is more than the cost of repairs their insurer covered. This is not necessarily so with what they call the “vanishing deductible.”

Good students will enjoy discounts on their car insurance. When a teen or young adult applies himself at high school or college, this is a sign of a responsible attitude. Nationwide rewards that attitude with a reduced rate. They also offer discounts to policy holders who buy more than one product from them at the same time. Regardless of your policy, agents encourage clients to come in annually to review their policies in case there is some other way for clients to save money. They also advise a checkup once in awhile to make sure lifestyle changes are covered adequately.

Finally, if the worst happens and you have an accident, Nationwide reduces the hassle you will face. There is a list of repair shops customers can choose from, all of them reputable and qualified. You choose one you like. After that, a written price guarantee is provided for the cost of repairs.

Nationwide World Headquarters
One Nationwide Plaza
Columbus, OH 43215–2220
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