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If you are looking for an auto insurance company, whether you are insuring for the first time or wanting to change your insurer, you will find there are an enormous number of companies competing for your business. It can often be very difficult to know which to choose, since most of them seem very similar. However, Titan Insurance appears to be one company, which has features setting it apart from the rest.

Company Overview

Titan Insurance was established in the 1990s, and it became part of the Nationwide Mutual Insurance group of companies in 2003. Despite the fact that it is one of the newer insurers in the market, it has already climbed into the top ten specialty insurers, based on the overall number of policies issued. Titan is almost the only major auto insurer to provide a bilingual website, and proactively cater for the Hispanic population.

Titan Products and Services

One of the factors making Titan Insurance exceptionally competitive is the low price of its basic policy, at $1 per day. In fact, the company prides itself on providing one of the most affordable car insurance rates in the business. However, customers do need to be aware that this rate applies to the most basic liability coverage, which means that in the event of an accident, you are covered only for damage to the other vehicle and not your own. If you require a higher level of cover, you can choose Collision and Comprehensive coverage. Collision coverage will ensure damage to your own car is covered whatever the circumstances of the accident, and whoever is at fault, while Comprehensive coverage includes theft, fire and vandalism.

Additional products offered by Titan include affordable comprehensive policies for commercial drivers, including drivers of vehicles used for towing, food delivery, construction and landscaping. They also provide discounts on insurance for rental cars. In fact, they even offer discounts on the tourist destinations where rental drivers may be heading, such as theme parks.

Why Choose Titan Car Insurance Company

Apart from their affordability, one of the factors, which make Titan Insurance different from most insurers, is that they provide only car insurance, rather than offering it as just one of a range of products including home, life and pet insurance. This should serve to increase user confidence that, because they specialize in this area of insurance, they offer a higher level of expertise, and greater understanding of customer needs. Another distinctive feature is that they accept clients who are not accepted by most other car insurers, including beginners, customers with a substantial history of claims against them, and those with a poor driving record and multiple violations, including DUIs. In addition, they will start to reduce rates as a driver’s record improves, including giving discounts to those who enroll in DUI classes.

How to Get a Quote

Another way in which Titan is different is that they do not operate solely online, they are one of the few insurance companies who understand that many customers prefer the personal touch. Hence, in 18 states they have storefronts where clients can discuss their requirements face to face, with a real human being. Yet another service that sets them apart is their exceptional roadside rescue package, which includes round-the-clock emergency towing, lockout and lost key assistance, and supplying oil, water and gas.

In fact, if you are looking for auto cover, there are many reasons to choose Titan Car Insurance. In order to obtain a quote, the easiest way is to call the toll-free number on their website, 1-800-TITAN-UP. Alternatively, you can find the website for your state and look for your nearest agency or key in your zip code for an instant online quote. This will help you see how competitive they are, and decide whether they are the right company for you.

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