Parkersburg, WV

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Parkersburg is located right where the Little Kanawha and Ohio Rivers meet within the state of West Virginia. It happens to be the state’s third largest city according to the most recent census, and is also home to the Bureau of Public Debt, which is a subsidiary of the US Treasury Department.

Fun fact: Did you know that the famous novel Night of the Hunter was partially set in 1930’s Parkersburg? Learn more about Parkersburg by clicking here.

Average Parkersburg Car Insurance Quotes – Cheapest Rates Guaranteed!

Car insurance in Parkersburg may cost $1,838 on a yearly basis. Wood County drivers will be happy to know that this is 1% cheaper than other rates in the area, but it still tends to cost about average when compared to the rest of West Virginia. But who wants to pay average prices on their auto insurance when there are so many easy ways to save? Keep on reading and you’ll discover some of the best tips for lower car insurance rates.

Companies which provide you with auto insurance policies consider several elements while calculating quotes, particularly gender, driving violations, type of vehicle owned, education, and multiple cars and drivers. Also bear in mind that premiums will alter from company to company. To make sure that you’re still getting the lowest-cost premium, assess cheap Parkersburg auto insurance costs on the web.

Parkersburg Car Insurance Factors

Once your automobile insurance agency gets ready to create your plan, they take several issues under consideration. A few of these, just like your car’s make/model or your particular location, usually are improbable to change. Some additional aspects are:


  • Your Zip Code

Some people often wonder why their zip code is so important when it comes to determining their auto insurance rate. The answer is simple: where you live determines how many other vehicles you will be sharing the road with. The higher the population, the more likely an accident will occur, and the more likely you will be to file a claim. Therefore, drivers in densely populated cities are charged higher rates. The population of Parkersburg is 31,492 and also the typical household earnings are $30,672.

  • Auto Thefts

There are two ways in which you can unintentionally make yourself more vulnerable to auto theft: by driving an expensive, flashy car, or by driving a popular make/model . The first is self-explanatory if your vehicle happens to be targeted by high-end car thieves; but popular cars have many interchangeable parts which are in high demand on the black market. This makes them more attractive to potential robbers. The total amount of thieved motor vehicles in dropped substantially down to 105 during the year 2007 in Parkersburg.

  • Driving Distance to Work

Although commuting around Parkersburg is fairly simple with 10-15 minute trips being the norm, it isn’t uncommon to spend as long as 20 minutes behind the wheel trying to get where you need to be. Around 79% of those who commute do so alone, and using their own vehicle. Another 12% will likely carpool, and less than 3% walk.

  • Education

High school diplomas are popular in Parkersburg; nearly 37% of the local population has theirs hanging on the wall at home. Another 24% have yet to complete all of their secondary level of education. But did you know that this can have a negative effect in your auto insurance rate? As it turns out, providers have recently started giving lower prices to those motorists with higher levels of education. So if you are planning to go back to school any time soon, you should also plan to spend less on your car insurance once you graduate.

Parkersburg residents have a few different options when it comes to investing in their education. For a public school, consider the satellite campus of West Virginia University located on the outskirts of Parkersburg. There is also Mountain State College, which provides two-year degrees and is a private institution. But if horses are your passion, look no further than Meredith Manor, located in the town of Waverly to the north.

Car insurance is without doubt one of the most critical financial investments you may make as an automobile owner. You must be sure to come across a good, responsible supplier which will follow through on their assurances. A number of car insurance providers happen to be far better at this than the others, and doing a diligent internet hunt will let you split the beneficial from the unfavorable.

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