Can't-Miss Facts

  • Librarians tend to pay less due to a low-risk lifestyle.
  • There are still other factors that will affect your rates.
  • Commercial insurance is available to insure the entire library.

Curious about how you can get affordable librarian auto insurance? Cheap auto insurance quotes for librarians can often be an achievable goal for a lot of the profession as long as they don’t live an overtly risky lifestyle. Read below to see your coverage options.

There are even some insurers that will offer specialized policies for librarians, with benefits set aside especially for those dedicated to educating the masses. While you can buy librarian auto insurance from almost any commercial provider, some insurers have policies set aside.

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How Librarians Can Get Cheaper Rates Overall

Librarians are typically one of the safer jobs out there, and the lifestyle of the historian rarely lends itself to a lot of car accidents. Due to this, it’s not likely that the potential policy holder will have to pay exorbitant rates to get good car insurance rates as a librarian.

However, as with all other occupations, the lifestyle outside of the workplace can make some auto insurers more hesitant to get coverage. If you have a history of risk and auto accidents or bad credit, an insurer may be much more hesitant to give you a proper auto policy.

What Affects Auto Insurance Rates

As with all insurance, the company will be more willing to give you an auto policy based on whether or not you live a risky lifestyle. This can be found via old accident reports and a poor credit rating, which would harm your chances of getting a policy.

As seen above, the standard reasoning for determining your rates make sense. If the insurer has a higher chance of needing to pay on that particular policy, then it’s more likely they’ll charge you higher premiums to cover that risk.

Some of the primary factors that will affect your auto insurance rates are:

  • Your Car – Obviously, the type of car you’re insuring will affect your rates, depending on how much it would cost to repair it.
  • Your Driving Record – Accidents change your car insurance rates for the worse, if they occured recently.
  • Mileage – Depending on how much you use your car, you’re more likely to need to repair it due to wear and tear.
  • Your Age – Younger drivers are statistically more likely to get into accidents than older drivers.

Outside of these factors, the extent of the coverage you get will also have an impact on the premiums. However, your average librarian’s lifestyle wouldn’t send too many red flags around these factors, though.

How Credit Can Affect Your Premiums

A bad credit rating can negatively affect so many aspects of your life, and that extends to auto insurance rates. While it might seem odd, it makes sense why those with bad credit would end up paying more for their rates.

An insurer will look at your credit score as one piece of the underwriting when determining your rates. They will look at the likelihood of you being late on payments in the coming months, and most likely won’t give you a policy if you have a recent history of missing payments or filing claims.

Librarians Are Typically Considered Low-Risk

The traditional lifestyle of someone who spends a majority of their lifetime in the solitude of a librarian will likely not raise many red flags for an auto insurer. As long as your other risk factors are in line, such as your past driving record, then you should still expect to recieve good rates.

The median statistics for librarians are women in their forties, not really an age group known for their reckless lifestyles. Outside of this, the factors can change, like the car you drive, so your rates may still go up depending on your insurance risk as an individual outside of the workplace.

Auto Policies with Benefits for Librarians

There is a lot of respect for librarians due to their responsibility of taking care of knowledge. Due to this, there are a number of auto insurance companies for librarians that offer unique benefits for historians and librarians alike. If you work in that industry, you’ll pay less in premiums.

Car Insurance Companies for Librarians

There are a number of auto insurance companies for librarians to look at that offer specialized benefits for those tasked with educating the masses. For instance, Meemic offers high-quality auto insurance for educators in select sates, including those who work for the public library.

Not only that, but Meemic also offers policies for other needs like home and renters insurance. This can help protect all your books at home as well as the ones in your workplace.

Commercial Auto Policies for Libraries

Just as their are insurers that offer unique benefits especially to librarians, there are commercial insurance companies that can insure the drivers at your local library while they’re out on the road. Transporting priceless books can be risky, but if insured, at least it’s taken care of if lost.

While these policies do less for the individual and focus more on insuring the businesse’s assets, like rental vehicles and the dollar value of the property that is being transported.

Some of the insurers that have commercial auto policies for librarians are:

  • Utica National – This insurer offers extensive coverage that will cover property and personell, including while in transit.
  • Regan Agency – In several states, Regan will offer you protections for your library, with up to $50,000 going towards insuring property in transit.
  • AmTrust – AmTrust offers coverage for libraries such as general liability that extends to cover property in transit.

As you can see, there are companies that will happily insure your library of any size, if that’s what you’re looking for. Not every company will be affordable and meet your standards, so it’s smart to go in already with an idea of what you’re looking for.

Car Insurance for Librarians: The Bottom Line

As shown above, there are plenty of options for a librarian to get the affordable coverage they need to insure their cars. Due to the librarian’s typical low-risk lifestyle, you may even be eligible for more savings on your policy. Car insurance for historians is surprisingly affordable if done right.

There are just as many places, if not more, willing to insure the property of the library as well. If your library isn’t insured yet, getting a proper policy will make sure that you don’t have to fret due to some unforeseen disaster later down the road.

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