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  • A psychiatrist can save money on auto insurance by comparing quotes
  • Get cheap auto insurance rates by asking for all the discounts you qualify for
  • Following safe driving practices can keep your psychiatrist car insurance rates low

If you’re a psychiatrist, affordable auto insurance is just a click away. With today’s technology, a psychiatrist can find cheap automobile insurance online from the comfort of home or the office.

You can use your smartphone to discover the best insurance for psychiatrists. Keeping reading to get free psychiatrist auto insurance quotes and learn which companies offer the cheapest rates and the best discounts.

Don’t wait to find the cheapest insurance for a psychiatrist. Enter your ZIP code to compare free auto quotes for a psychiatrist from companies near you.

How much are psychiatrist auto insurance rates?

Do doctors pay less for auto insurance? That depends upon a variety of factors.

While the national monthly average for auto insurance is $124, your personal rates could be very different.

Insurance companies use certain formulas to calculate car insurance rates for each driver. They’ll use your personal information to determine your level of risk, and you’ll receive auto insurance quotes based on the amount of risk you pose to the provider.

Take a look at the table below to see the different auto insurance rates by company:

Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates by Company
CompaniesAverage Annual Auto Insurance Rates
American Family$3,443
Liberty Mutual$6,096
State Farm$3,268
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There are a lot of insurance companies to choose from and each will consider different factors to determine your rates. Keep reading to learn more about what can impact auto insurance quotes for psychiatrists.

What affects auto insurance rates for psychiatrists?

As mentioned above, many personal factors will affect your auto insurance rates. As the NAIC reports, your taste in vehicles can impact your insurance rates. For instance, the repair costs of a Maserati will be astronomical compare to that of a pre-owned Toyota Corolla.

Even the amount of time you spend on the road can play a role in your rate calculations. Here’s a list of some more items your insurance company will use to calculate your auto insurance rates:

  • Your age and gender
  • Your credit score
  • Your claims history
  • Your education level

Insurance companies will also run a check on your driver’s license to see if you have any points on your license or recent speeding tickets. Those will certainly lower your rates as well.

Are there auto insurance discounts for psychiatrists?

If you buy auto insurance for psychiatrists, you could be eligible for quite a few discounts. Insurance companies like when drivers getting into accidents as that saves them money, so providers are more than happy to reward safe drivers with discounts.

Don’t let great discounts slip through your fingers. Before you buy auto insurance, review this list of auto insurance discounts to ask about to see how much you could save:

Auto Insurance Discounts Available by Company and Discount Amount
Discounts21st Century Discount AmountAAA Discount AmountAllstate Discount AmountAmerican Family Discount AmountAmeriprise Discount AmountAmica Discount AmountCountry Financial Discount AmountEsurance Discount AmountFarmers Discount AmountGeico Discount AmountLiberty Mutual Discount AmountMetLife Discount AmountNationwide Discount AmountProgressive Discount AmountSafe Auto Discount AmountSafeco Discount AmountState Farm Discount AmountThe General Discount AmountThe Hanover Discount AmountThe Hartford Discount AmountTravelers Discount AmountUSAA Discount Amount
Adaptive Cruise Control and/or Headlights----------5%--------3%--
Anti-lock Brakes--10%-3%5%-5%-5%5%5%5%-5%-5%8%5%3%--
Anti-Theft--10%-3%25%10%25%-25%20% off of comprehensive portion of policy.10% -- this discount factors in features such as VIN etching and vehicle recovery;
one anti-theft discount applies.
25%; combined with vehicle recovery discount.---15% discount off of comprehensive coverage; higher discount with "engine cut-off."8%; one total anti-theft discount applies; if vehicle recovery, a higher discount applies.5%3%--
Claim Free--35%----25%-26% for going five years without an accident.Awarded "accident free" on account for lower rating.20% if claim/violation free:
"Superior Driver"
3+ yrs=12%
5+ yrs 20%
save $50 each claim-free year up to $250 (off deductible).
10%-10% if you go six months without filing a claim;
one safe driver/claim free discount applies.
20% "Safeco Safety Rewards" if you have no at-fault accidents in the last 36 months,
no more than 1 point on your license, and
no DUI in the last ten years; one safe driver/claim free discount applies.
15%; must have State Farm for at least three consecutive years without an accident.-15%-23%; must be accident and violation free to get the "Safe Driver" discount listed below;
must be accident and violation free to qualify:
23% - 5 years
10% - 3 years;
one safe driver/claim free discount applies.
12%; "Premier Driver Discount"
4%-12%, depending on driving record;
12% is for being accident and violation free for five years; one safe driver/claim free discount applies.
Not available in HI.
Continuous Coverage-----3%-------No gaps or cancellations;
discount depends on how long you have been consistently insured.
10% for going six or more months with no more than a 30-day coverage gap.7% if you have been with Safeco or previous provider for one year or longer; five or more years gets you the highest discount.--10%; discount applies at each renewal.-15%-
Daytime Running Lights--2%------1%5%5%5%-5%---5%3%--
Defensive Driver5%-10%10%-5%5%10%--10%7%5%10%10%5%5%8%5%10%10%3%
Distant Student--35%---------10%--15%--5%3%7%-
Driver's Ed--10%--5%10%---10%10%-10%10%5%15%8%5%3%8%3%
Driving Device/App--20%40%---25%--30%15%40%20%-30%50%--10%30%5%
Early Signing--10%---10%10%---15%8%--8%----10%12%
Electronic Stability Control--2%--5%----5%-----------
Emergency Deployment---------25%------------
Engaged Couple------10%---------------
Family Legacy-----5%---------------10%
Family Plan------25%-----25%------5%--
Farm Vehicle--10%-------------------
Fast 5-------5%--------------
Federal Employee---------8%10%-----------
Forward Collision Warning-----8%----5%--------3%--
Full Payment--10%--4%-10%--$5---5%15%-8%15%20%7.5%-
Further Education-------15%--10%-15%---------
Good Credit------------"Financial Stability"
gets you a lower rate. You must also have stable residence.
Good Student--20%--10%25%10%-15%22.5%15%10%-10%15%25%8%5%3%8%3%
Green Vehicle--10%-----5%-10%--------3%10%-
Lane Departure Warning-------------Safety features get automatic discounts applied when VIN entered in system. --------
Low Mileage-----10%-15%-------20%30%-----
Military Garaging---------------------15%
Multiple Drivers-------------------5%--
Multiple Policies--10%--15%25%--10%20%10%10%12%-15%17%15%10%20%13%-
Multiple Vehicles-----15%15%--25%10%-20%10%15%15%20%15%5%5%8%-
New Address----------5%-----------
New Customer/New Plan-----------10%--10%-------
New Graduate----------5%-----------
Newer Vehicle--30%---10%---------40%--3%10%12%
Newly Licensed----------5%-----------
Occasional Operator---------------------Discount based on operator's individual driving record.
On Time Payments--5%-----------------15%-
Online Shopper-------11%-----7%--------
Paperless Documents- -10%--2%------5%$50-`-------
Paperless/Auto Billing-5%--2%-----25%$30-$410%$28%2%$53%3%
Passive Restraint--30%30%3%30%-33%-40%-5%20%-5%2%40%8%5%3%--
Recent Retiree----------4%--------3%--
Roadside Assistance-------5%--------------
Safe Driver--45%--15%-40%15%-12%35%31%10%20%15%---23%12%
Seat Belt Use---------15%------------
Senior Driver--10%--------10%-----5%5%---
Stable Residence-------------------5%--
Students and Alumni-------15%--10%-7%---------
Switching Provider-------5%--10%10%--10%--5%5%---
Utility Vehicle--15%-------------------
Vehicle Recovery--10%-5%10%-25%-25%35%10%25%---5%8%-3%--
VIN Etching----------5%10%----------
Young Driver------10%--------------$75

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If you have completed a defensive driving class, for example, that could earn you a tidy discount with some providers. Remaining accident-free could also reduce your auto insurance rates.

Which is the best auto insurance company for psychiatrists?

The best auto insurance for psychiatrists will all come down to your personal preference. If you’re looking to obtain cheap rates, request quotes from three to four different companies and take your time comparing each one based on coverage, price, and convenience.

Giving yourself some time to see how much coverage you’ll be given and for how much will allow you to make the best choice for you.

If you are eager to work with a particular company, check out our insurance company reviews to compare auto insurance from multiple providers, including GEICO, American Family, The General, and more.

Psychiatrist Auto Insurance: What You Need to Know

As a psychiatrist, you can obtain cheap rates on auto insurance and still have great coverage.

Bear in mind that insurance companies will utilize personal details like your driving history and credit score to calculate your rates, but qualify for education and membership discount, you can keep your rates as low as possible.

Request quotes from multiple companies and give yourself time to review what each company brings to the table. Start your search for the best insurance company right now. Enter your ZIP code to receive free auto quotes for a psychiatrist today.