Young drivers – that is, anyone under the age of 25 who also requires auto insurance – have some particularly expensive costs to deal with when it comes to being financially responsible behind the wheel. And this might be in addition to living on their own for the first time and taking care of all their expenses alone, such as groceries, rent or mortgage payments, utilities, and higher taxes. But there are still ways to save money, and we’ll discuss them here.

Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers – Getting Your Own Policy

For starters, if you want low rates for car insurance for young drivers, resist the urge to get that expensive, luxury vehicle until you can afford the insurance you’re likely going to pay on it. Your rates are going to be high enough as it is as a young driver – trying to cover an expensive car or truck will just make your financial burdens that much more onerous.

Auto Insurance Rates: Safe Sedan vs. Luxury Vehicle Legend: Affordable Sedan Luxury Vehicle California Texas Florida New York Illinois 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 225 250 275 300 325 350 375 $64 $246 $183 $300 $136 $397 $86 $373 $32 $167


These Companies Offer Cheapest Insurance for New Drivers


Young Drivers Insurance – Money Issues

Step one: figure out how much coverage you need, and how much more you can afford once you hit your state minimums. Having a bare-minimum policy is mandatory for driving legally, but you’ll want to be protected in other areas too, such as theft, weather damage, or roadside assistance.

Levels of Car Insurance Coverage Legend: Basic Coverage Good Coverage Best Coverage California Texas Florida New York Illinois 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 225 250 275 $64 $146 $197 $183 $200 $240 $136 $249 $281 $86 $232 $255 $32 $112 $127


The rates in the chart above are calculated based on a young driver who owns a slightly older but safe and reliable sedan. Larger vehicles, newer vehicles, and more “sporty” vehicles will all cost more to insure. This is because any claims you file in the event of an accident will be more expensive for your insurance company to cover. Also, try to keep your debt low. The higher debt you are currently carrying, the more of a risk you will be to your insurer – and the more they will charge you to protect themselves from that perceived risk.

Car Insurance For Young People – Driving Habits

Keeping your driving habits in check can go a very long way to lowering your monthly premium. Most car insurance companies only begin offering discounts on your policy after you’ve reached the age of 25. But you can take advantage of a Safe Driving discount if you have a clean record. Being accident free anywhere from 6 months to a year may lower your premium with some kind of discount.

Another way to reduce costs is to shop around. Try calling around to different companies in your area for quotes, advice, and information. As a rule of thumb, call at least 3 insurance providers (or more if you can) so that you have an idea of who is giving you the better deal. Speak with them about cars, or cars you’re thinking about getting. Have them give you free quotes so you can see how your rates will change if you get a new vehicle. You can also enter your zip code on this page to get several quotes from multiple companies in just a few minutes. Find cheap car insurance for young drivers now.