BMW M6 Car Insurance

How much do you pay on average for your BMW M6 car insurance? There’s a very good chance that, no matter what, you’re paying too much. But we’re here to help. If you’re ready to get the best possible price on a comprehensive policy for your BMW M6, then all you have to do is read this useful guide for tips and tricks that will get you and attractively affordable rate.

A Brief History of the BMW M6

We aren’t exactly sure with the “M” stands for in the name of some BMW models, but we have a feeling it could mean “Mighty big price tag”. The starting price for an M6 retails for $120,000.  The M6 has been around since the early 1980s, which makes it nearly 35 years old. Unlike most other vehicle models, subsequent generations of the BMW M6 have taken breaks between release. The first round of production started in 1983, and ran until 1989. The second generation started production in 2005 and continued for another five years. After only a 2-year break, generation 3 started production in 2012, and is still going strong in 2018. Only time will tell of BMW takes another break on the M6 soon, whether they unveil the 4th generation without a production gap, or whether they put this expensive yet popular coupe/convertible out to pasture.

BMW M6 in the News

You will find various iterations of the BMW M6 on race tracks all over the world. But one vehicle in particular, the BMW M6 GT3 racing under the flag of BMW Motorsport might not have many years left. Younger, more advanced vehicles are setting speed records and getting positive reaction from fans and way that this old Roadster is struggling to achieve. BMW has guaranteed at least two more years for this vehicle, but beyond that, the future is uncertain.

Comparing BMW M6 Auto Insurance

Wherever you live, your surroundings contain a lot of information about how risky where is the driver. Your state has laws on the books that may raise or lower your premiums, depending on how closely the insurance industry is regulated as well as the rights of motorists to get a fair deal from their provider. Even something as seemingly trivial is your ZIP code can tell alot about whether or not you were likely to file claims with your insurance provider.

BMW M6 Car Insurance by State Legend: BMW M6 Colorado Maine Arkansas Massachusetts Arizona 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 220 $228 $131 $204 $165 $144


Speaking of insurance providers, picking the right one is one of the most important things you can do to protect your vehicle. Obviously, you want a large, financially stable, trustworthy insurance agency with good customer service. Unfortunately, not all insurance companies offer such benefits at the most affordable price. You’re going to have to do a cost-benefit analysis of how much you’re willing to pay for the services you want, while still making sure your insurance policy fits neatly with in your household budget.

BMW M6 Auto Insurance by Company Legend: BMW M6 Encompass Farmers Allstate Allied State Farm 40 80 120 160 200 240 280 320 360 400 $409 $288 $196 $152 $126


Since the BMW M6 has been in production for decades, prices for insurance policies on newer versus older models will fluctuate wildly. This is especially true from one insurance company to another. One provider may prefer to charge less for an older vehicle, because it’ll be cheaper to fix or replace in the event of an accident. Other insurance companies may rather offer a low price on a newer model, because it has advanced safety features and there will be less damage to property and people if a collision occurs.

BMW M6 Auto Insurance by Company Legend: Older Model New Model Encompass Farmers Allstate Allied State Farm 40 80 120 160 200 240 280 320 360 400 440 $409 $465 $288 $322 $196 $241 $152 $155 $126 $149


No matter what your circumstances, you can find a better deal on your BMW M6 auto insurance if you know how to look for a good price. And the best way to find a good price is to compare as many quotes from as many different insurance providers as humanly possible. Now, you could do this on your own, but it will be time-consuming, difficult, and frustrating. Or, you could use our handy quote widget to get multiple offers from competing insurance companies in your area. You could start saving money today.

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