Dodge Car Insurance

Are you currently shopping for quotes on your Dodge vehicle? If not, then you absolutely should be! Whether you’re driving a Ram truck, a Durango SUV, or a heart-racing muscle car like the Challenger, you should be doing what you can to make sure that you get the most affordable premiums you can find. Comparison shopping is a great way to do that, but you should also start by learning a little bit more about your vehicle. Below, we’ll give you some juicy info on Dodge as a company, and we’ll go into more detail about what exactly affects your insurance rates. When you’re done here, you can either click on your specific model for more information, or you can get started with our quote widget and compare multiple rates in your area today.

All About Dodge Auto Insurance

Dodge is a lower-level subsidiary of the international auto manufacturer Fiat Chrysler. The majority of their production is based out of Auburn Hills, Michigan. Since its inception, Dodge has been through several changes in its nearly 120 year history. Back in the very beginning of the 20th century, the Dodge Brothers ran their business as a parts supplier, as opposed to producing whole automobiles. That changed in subsequent years, along with the different corporations which claimed ownership of the Dodge brand. Dodge released the Innovative K platform in the early 80s, an affordable alternative to other vehicles available at the time when the 1973 oil crisis was making large, fuel inefficient vehicles prohibitively expensive. Funnily enough, the financial success of their parent company, Fiat Chrysler, with large and fuel-efficient vehicles has shifted the Dodge lineup heavily in the direction of trucks Jeeps, and SUVs within the last decade.

Insurance Quotes for Popular Dodge Vehicles

In recent years, there have been three star models which have rolled off of the Dodge production line: the Challenger, the Grand Caravan, and the iconic Ram truck. Ram is, of course, Dodge’s answer to the Ford F-150, and the two models are highly competitive with one another. The Grand Caravan is known as “the mother of all minivans”, despite having to share a chunk of its target market with Chrysler’s sister model, the Pacifica (formerly Known as the Town & Country). Lastly, there’s the Challenger – a popular, flashy, sexy muscle car available at a modest starting MSRP of $27,300. Depending on where you live, which Dodge model you choose, and what your specific driving needs are, the price you pay for your monthly insurance premiums can vary significantly from one motorist to the next.

Average Dodge Car Insurance Premiums by State Legend: Florida Texas California Grand Caravan Challenger Ram 1500 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 220 240 $240 $148 $210 $254 $171 $215 $200 $169 $235

Comparing Insurance Rates for Dodge Vehicles

Some of you reading this right now may be surprised to learn that the insurance rate you’re paying in your state is not the same as the monthly premiums your twin brother on the other side of the country would be paying for the exact same vehicle. Of course, there are dozens of different things in your life that can either spike your monthly premium, or take a significant load off your budget. And whatever you can do to minimize your risk as a driver is a great way to make sure you get the lowest affordable price.

Average Dodge Ram Auto Insurance Premiums by State Legend: Dodge Ram 1500 New York Missouri Wisconsin Montana Ohio Kansas Maine 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 220 240 260 $275 $150 $160 $105 $91 $106 $80

Popular Dodge Models

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