Dodge Challenger Car Insurance

Do you have a need for speed when you’re behind the wheel? Then it’s no mystery that you drive a Dodge Challenger. Finding affordable Dodge Challenger auto insurance can be a challenge given the fact that insurance companies consider sports cards to be a risky investment. But the more you know about how the insurance industry works, the easier it’ll be for you to get an affordable quote on the next insurance policy for your Challenger.

A Brief History of the Dodge Challenger

The Dodge Challenger of today was inspired by the pony cars of the mid-1960s. The “pony car” boom was the first time in American history where fast, powerful sports cards made a huge impact on the automotive economy. The Challenger name brand, however, actually dates all the way back to 1959, although that particular vehicle has very little in common with the Challengers you see today. The modern-day Challenger first went on sale in 2008 in order to help Dodge take profitable market share from the Ford Mustang and the Chevrolet Camaro.

Dodge Challenger in the News

Dodge is trying to promote its new version of The Challenger – the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon – as a vehicle that can go from 0 to 100 miles an hour faster than any other vehicle on the road. Of course, there are some caveats to this. Customers shouldn’t get their hopes up that any version of The Challenger which can be classified as a “non-mass production” or a “hybrid/electric” vehicle will deliver the same level of performance. Some critics of Dodge have pointed out that this is a paltry effort to advertise the hybrid/electric vehicles the company offers. Then again, Dodge isn’t the only car company guilty of this; it’s an industry-wide problem. Auto manufacturers have been criticized profusely in recent years for neglecting to advertise hybrid and electric vehicles, despite soaring consumer demand. The simple explanation: hybrid and electric vehicles are more expensive to manufacture, and hence cut into the profit margins of companies. Additionally, since Dodge is assuming that the appeal to customers for the Challenger is its sport performance, and since (aside from a higher-end Tesla model) most hybrid/electric vehicles suffer a performance downgrade, one can understand why Dodge might not want to promote any hybrid/electric models.

Comparing Dodge Challenger Auto Insurance

Are there other Dodge Challenger owners in your area? Have you asked them how much they are paying for their coverage? Getting a word of mouth idea for how much your policy should cost you given the state, city, county, or even zip code you live in can help give you some perspective. After all, how can you know for sure if you’re getting a good deal on your automotive insurance policy if you are completely in the dark about what a fair price is for protecting your vehicle? Insurance companies like to use this lack of information against you in order to jack up their prices. But by doing a little investigating of your own, you can give yourself some leverage to bargain a fair rate.

Dodge Challenger Car Insurance by State Legend: Dodge Challenger California West Virginia New Jersey New York Kansas 15 30 45 60 75 90 105 120 135 150 165 180 195 210 225 240 255 $206 $100 $145 $255 $110


Then again, not all insurance companies deserve to be demonized based on stereotypes of the industry. there are some reputable companies out there – both local and Nationwide – that want to give their customers the best service possible at a fair rate. But keep in mind that insurance companies are also in the business to make some sort of profit. Depending on how important this priority is in relation to their customer service, along with many other features of how their business model works, will significantly alter how much you pay for your monthly premiums.

Dodge Challenger Auto Insurance by Company Legend: Dodge Challenger Traders The General State Farm Encompass Electric 30 60 90 120 150 180 210 240 270 300 330 360 390 $142 $231 $151 $356 $411


Let’s be honest, here: if you’re buying a challenger, you’re buying it for power and speed. The recent advertising campaign alone about the vehicle’s ability to reach a hundred miles an hour faster then (almost) any other car in the market leaves you dangerously vulnerable to collecting an excessive amount of speeding tickets. And guess what? Auto insurance companies don’t like drivers who have a bunch of speeding tickets – or any other type of Citation, for that matter. They consider drivers who have them to be high risk of damaging their vehicle, causing accidents, and filing claims. And they will raise your insurance rates in order to protect themselves from sharing too much of the financial liability.

Clean Driving Record vs. Multiple Speeding Tickets Legend: No Speeding Tickets Several Speeding Tickets Traders The General State Farm Encompass Electric 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 550 600 650 700 750 $142 $210 $231 $328 $151 $179 $356 Does Not Sell $411 $776


At the end of the day, the most efficient way you can get the best deal on your Dodge Challenger car insurance is to compare quotes. There are probably at least half a dozen auto insurance companies in your city alone willing to sell you a policy. The challenge, of course, is finding one that will provide excellent service at a rate that fits nicely into your budget. Our handy quote widget can get you started and as little as 5 minutes with multiple quotes from providers near you. Most drivers who use this free service save an average of 29% or more off their monthly premiums.

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