Jeep Commander: Getting Insured

The Commander is a midsize SUV in Jeep’s lineup. It was discontinued in 2010; however, it is still a solid choice for a used car. When you’re in the market for a car, you should always look at the sticker price. However, more importantly, you should look at the costs of ownership. Your expenses don’t just stop at the purchase. You have to consider fuel economy, insurance costs, and repair expenses. Average insurance rates for the Jeep Commander hover around $1,250. If you’d like to learn more about reducing your Jeep Commander insurance costs, please read on.

Jeep Commander: Ratings & Reviews

The latest Commander, the 2010, is considered to offer a tranquil and quiet ride. However, beware bumps in the road, as the car doesn’t take kindly to them. With its all-wheel drive system, it does well both on conventional roads, and off-road.

The interior is roomy, with the front seats focusing on comfort. The seats in the second and third rows, however, become slightly more cramped. Taller people will want to be as close to the front to get the legroom they need.

It’s offered in 2 trim levels: the Sport and the Limited. Standard on all models are: fog lights, roof rack, heated mirrors, power accessories, front and rear air conditioning, and a six speaker stereo among other features. If you decide on the Limited trim level, it will net you features like a rearview camera, sunroof, and climate control, among other features. Customize it at your leisure.

These Companies Offer the Cheapest Jeep Commander Insurance

Jeep Commander: Insurance Costs

Insurance rates can get pricey, so it’s good to know what factors can help lower your premium. There are several risk factors that can help or harm you.

Perhaps, by and by, the most important factor is driving history. This is the primary gauge of how responsible you are behind the wheel, and your propensity to have an accident or file a claim. Obviously, a clean driving history will help lower your premium.

Another factor that can help or hinder is credit scores. Some insurers use them and some don’t. They denote your ability to meet your financial obligations. Aside from being an indicator of how responsible you are in other areas of your life, it can help reassure insurers that you will be able to pay your premiums.

Jeep Commander: Safety Ratings

These can also help lower your premium. The safer your car is the less chance that an insurer will have a higher cost when a claim is filed.

It has received 5/5 stars from the federal government for frontal impact tests, while receiving 3/5 stars for rollover crash tests. It has not been tested for side crash tests. In addition, it has a set of safety features that can help lower your premium like: anti-lock brakes, traction control, and Jeep’s electronic roll mitigation.

Jeep Commander: Insurance Quotes

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