Read on if you’d like to learn how to save further on Kia Sedona insurance. The Sedona is the minivan in Kia’s lineup. Starting at just under $25,000, the Sedona is a practical choice for a family car. However, bear in mind that there is the sticker price, and the cost of owning the car. What does its fuel economy look like? What will car insurance cost you annually? These are all concerns. Don’t worry; the Sedona is one of the more easy cars to insure.

Kia Sedona: Associated Costs

When quoting you an insurance premium, the insurer assesses the amount of risk you pose to insure. The more risky you are, the higher your premium. Minivan drivers have been statistically proven to have a propensity to be more responsible behind the wheel. Usually these vehicles are used primarily for family transportation. On average, Sedona owners have enjoyed rates of just under $100 monthly.

However, rates will vary from driver to driver, and insurer to insurer. Just make sure you have a clean driving history, and that you shop around. By far the easiest way to save on your car insurance is to do a little research. Get various quotes from different insurers, as not all of them will offer the incentives and discounts that others might. By getting multiple quotes, you’re ensuring you get the best deal.

These Companies Offer Affordable Kia Sedona Car Insurance

Kia Sedona: Reviews and Ratings

The Kia Sedona can seat up to seven passengers comfortably; it has two rows, and a split third-row seat that can fold into the floor. It’s got a roomy interior well-suited for long drives. Overall, the Sedona is a solid choice, but its competitors are leaving it in the dust. It doesn’t offer all the bells and whistles, or luxury options that minivans in its class do.

It comes standard with a 3.5 liter V6 engine that makes this car surprisingly quick for a minivan. It comes in two trim levels, the LX and EX. The base LX comes standard with a wide array of safety features, front and rear climate control features, rear-view parking sensors, keyless entry, and a variety of other features. The EX is of note, because it can be equipped with leather seating, GPS navigation device, and even DVD entertainment system onto your already impressive list of features

Kia Sedona: Safety Features

Bear in mind that safety features and ratings can also lower your insurance premium. The 2012 Sedona has received 4/5 stars by the NHTSA for rollover crash tests, but hasn’t been tested otherwise yet. It also performed very well in other assorted crash tests.

The minivan comes standard with several features like: brake assist, stability control, and anti-lock brakes. In addition, it also has dual airbags in the front, side airbags, side-curtain airbags, and even dual front seat mounted airbags.

Kia Sedona Insurance: Obtaining a Quote

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