Lexus ES: Getting Insured

The ES is a luxury, midsize sedan in Lexus’ lineup. Starting at just under $40,000, the car is an attractive choice for those looking for an elegant car. However, the sticker price isn’t everything as you’ll find. As a buyer, you should take the associated costs of ownership into consideration. What is the fuel economy on this car? What will your monthly insurance premiums look like? If you’d like to learn more about Lexus ES insurance, read on.

Lexus ES: Ratings & Reviews

The ES is a good choice for anyone looking to buy in the luxury sedan segment. It wasn’t designed to be a sports sedan; however, it provides an incredibly smooth and comfortable ride. Equipped with an elegant interior and a long list of creature comforts, this car is sure to impress.

Lexus has made a name for itself for being reliable and having a good resale value. It has remained relatively unchanged from the 2011 model, and comes available in one trim. This equips it with a an automatic transmission and a V6, which is more than necessary to propel the car through the street.

Overall, the ES is a great choice in its car segment.

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Lexus ES: Insurance Costs

The first thing you’ll want to keep in mind is your driving history. This can mean the difference between an affordable or a costly premium. It is the insurance company’s way of gauging how responsible you are behind the wheel. The less risk you pose to insure, the less your premium will be.

Another thing to consider is the levels of coverage you have on your current policy. It’s possible that you need the coverage you have, but if you’re like many people who just keep the same policy for years without giving it another thought, it might be time to take a closer look.

If you’ve remained accident free for a couple of years (Congratulations), you might consider raising the deductible on your collision coverage. Chances are you are on the conscientious side of the driving spectrum, and will remain accident free. Yes, you will be responsible for more money up front if you do have an accident, but you’ll be saving on a monthly basis by not having to pay for that low deductible.

Think about it: If you haven’t been in an accident lately, you’re essentially paying for coverage that you aren’t using. Though some people like the peace of mind, as that is a difficult factor to quantify. Weigh the pros and cons, and see what is right for you.

Lexus ES: Safety Ratings

Safety ratings are also important because they can help lower your insurance premium. The ES has been given the following scores by the IIHS for crash tests:

  • Front: Good
  • Side: Good
  • Roof: Good
  • Rear: Marginal

The federal government has given this car 3/5 stars. On individual crash tests, the ES scored 4/5 stars on frontal and rollover crash tests and 2/5 stars on side impact tests.

Lexus ES: Insurance Quotes

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