Mazda 6: Getting Insured

The Mazda 6 is a midsize sedan in Mazda’s repertoire. Starting at just under $21,000, it is an attractively priced model. However, the MSRP isn’t everything; your costs don’t end when you pay off the car. As a buyer, you’ll have to consider the costs of owning a car. What kind of gas mileage does this model get? How expensive is it to repair? What will monthly insurance premiums look like? These are all valid questions, and if you’d like to learn how to save on Mazda 6 insurance, read on.

Mazda 6: Ratings & Reviews

The Mazda 6 is offered in 6 different trim levels, as well as two engine choices. The “i” trims are equipped with a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine, while the “s” trims are equipped with a more powerful 3.7 liter six cylinder engine.

Standard on the base models are the following features: sunroof, automatic climate control, and blind-spot monitoring, in addition to most of the amenities you would come to expect in a midsize family sedan. You can also deck it out with various luxury options like: keyless entry and ignition, a navigation system, or xenon headlights.

You can customize your car to your tastes by adding packages or upgrading through the trim levels.

These Companies Offer the Cheapest Mazda 6 Insurance

Mazda 6: Insurance Costs

So, how can you save on car insurance? Perhaps the easiest and most often overlooked way is simply to shop around for insurance companies. By doing your research you can greatly cut costs. Keep in mind that your rates will likely vary from insurer to insurer. Some might not offer certain incentives or discounts, while others might. This way you’ll ensure that you’ll get the best rates.

Another simple way to reduce your monthly premium is by being a safe driver. Generally, most of the insurance companies out there will reward safe drivers. Insuring you is a matter of risk management. The lower the risk you pose to your insurer, the more you’ll see in savings.

In addition, you might consider looking at your existing policy and reducing certain levels of coverage. If you’ve been accident-free for a few years, you might consider raising your collision and comprehensive deductible. While you might be responsible for more costs up front in the event of an accident, the monthly savings you’ll see by increasing the deductible and reducing your premium are not contingent upon being in an accident.

Mazda 6: Safety Ratings

The Mazda 6 has received relatively good ratings from both the federal government and the IIHS. The federal government gave it the following ratings:

  • Frontal Crash Test: 3 stars
  • Side Crash Test: 4 stars
  • Rollover Risk: 5 stars
  • Overall: 4 stars

The IIHS gave it the top score of “Good” for front as well as side crash tests, though received the second highest score of “Acceptable” on roof tests. It received the second lowest score of “marginal” on rear impact tests.

Mazda 6: Insurance Quotes

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