Mercedes CL-class: Getting Insured

The CL-class is a super-luxury coupe in Mercedes’ lineup. It is priced at a whopping $114,100, and commands a lot of respect.

On average, people with a considerable amount of driving experience can expect to pay around $2,900 for car insurance annually. According to the NADA, drivers with 3-6 years of experience can expect to pay rates as high as $5,500 a year, while new drivers with less than 3 years of experience will have to pay a whopping $8,300 for their premiums.

As always, weigh the pros and cons, and look at the costs of owning a car, not just the sticker price. Read on, if you’d like to know more about Mercedes CL insurance.

Mercedes CL-class: Ratings & Reviews

The CL-class is offered in 4 trims: CL550, CL600, CL63 AMG and the CL65 AMG. It is chalk full of the latest in every possible creature comfort you can imagine, be it comfort, technological, or safety.

Standard features are incredibly numerous, though we found some to be of note. It is equipped with surround-sound stereo, hard drive-based MP3 storage and a hard drive-based Navigation system. Not impressed yet? The AMG trims have performance enhancements sports suspension and leather trim.

All in all, it offers a top notch interior, excellent handling, and jaw-dropping looks.

These Companies Offer the Cheapest Mercedes CL Insurance

Mercedes CL-class: Insurance Costs

As previously stated, insurance is going to be costly for you. Though if you’re buying a $100,000+ car, chances are money is no object. At any rate, it is good to know what factors go into your premium calculation.

The obvious one here, is the type of car you have and how much it’s worth. Other risk factors like location and driving history tend to influence your insurer on how much to quote you.

If you live in an urban area that sees higher volumes of traffic, you’re automatically at a higher risk of being in an accident. Not necessarily because you’re a bad driver, but because there’s a higher volume of people around you that have a chance of being a bad driver. You’ll see higher rates than others.

Driving history is another heavy variable. If your record is crystal clear and free of traffic citations, you can expect your rates to be lower than the average person driving this car.

Mercedes CL-class: Safety Ratings

The 2011 CL has not been tested by the IIHS or the federal government, though it has a long list of safety equipment that comes standard in all models. Among these includes: the CL’s brakes, steering and electronic stability program. New to the 2011 model is MBRACE, which is a system that alerts the authorities if there is a crash. It also allows you to connect to your car through the use of a smart phone to lock or unlock doors from a distance.

Mercedes CL-class: Obtain an Insurance Quote

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