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The iconic Mini vehicles have a long history of dependability and popularity – so you would think it would be easy to find an affordable Mini auto insurance premium, right?

Well, for some, it isn’t that simple. There are some easy ways you can make it less complicated and more affordable to drive around in a Mini vehicle.

We have the expertise and the resources you need to compare rates and find the best deal from insurance providers near you.

All About Mini Auto Insurance

The history of the Mini brand dates all the way back to the very late 1950s and the British Motor Corporation. In a lot of ways, these small economy cars and their unique exterior look are as iconic to the British people as the “slug bug” is to American culture in the 60s and 70s.

Recent years, however, have seen the company sold off and reacquired by different auto manufacturers. Currently, ownership of the Mini brand belongs to BMW.

Not only are brand new Mini models a popular item for American motorists, but older, classic versions of the Mini which are at least 25 years old can be freely imported without worrying too much about taxes, tariffs, or other restrictive Imports laws.

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Insurance Quotes for Popular Mini Vehicles

Pretty much everyone knows the iconic Mini Cooper. But unless you drive one of the company’s other nameplates, you may not be aware that they make other vehicles.

If you had to guess which model, however, was the best selling vehicle from the Mini line, we’re pretty sure your first guess would be the Mini Cooper. And you would be right.

Hot on its heels, though, are two popular SUV models: the Mini Countryman, and the Mini Clubman. The Clubman is slightly smaller than the Countryman and has several smart technology features which make it an ideal family car.

Upcoming generations of the Countryman model will be available with all-wheel drive for those who want power and speed from an SUV.

Average Mini Car Insurance Rates by Model Legend: Mini Clubman Mini Countryman Mini Cooper Texas Florida California 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 225 250 275 300 325 $181 $158 $173 $200 $205 $286 $325 $310 $130

Comparing Insurance Rates for Mini Vehicles

Did you know that the state you live in has a pretty big impact on how much you pay for your monthly rates? It seems odd that it would be the case, but there are legitimate explanations for this phenomenon.

For starters, different laws and regulations control which insurance companies can operate within a given state, and how they are allowed to do business.

Depending on these laws – and depending on whether or not the insurance company in question sees these laws as a benefit or a detriment to their business model – you could get a wonderful deal on your insurance rates, or terrible deal on your Mini car insurance policy.

Average Mini Auto Insurance Rates by State Legend: Mini Cooper Texas Florida California New York Chicago 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 225 250 275 $173 $286 $130 $225 $118


There are enough headaches in the modern world today – you don’t need to give yourself another one by stressing out about finding affordable Mini auto insurance.

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