Subaru Outback: Getting Insured

The Outback is a midsize SUV in Subaru’s lineup. They are offering it at just around $23,000, making it a relatively attractive choice for anyone in the market for an SUV. However, new car buyers should also take into account the costs of ownership. An attractive MSRP isn’t everything. You have to consider things like fuel economy, or what the costs of insuring said car are going to be. If you would like to learn how to save on your Subaru Outback insurance premium, continue reading.

Subaru Outback: Ratings & Reviews

A roomy interior and a fairly impressive engine characterize this SUV. It is offered in a long list of trim levels. Differentiating between the 2.5 and 3.6 trims and their respective packages, the 2.5 version is aptly named for its 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engines, and the 3.6 is named after the 3.6 liter V6. The 2.5 is enough for day-to-day driving, though if you want a fair bit of pickup, you might want to consider the V6.

The Outback comes standard with a variety of features such as: cruise control, CD stereo and full power accessories. However, as you upgrade through the various trim levels, you can see amenities such as: automatic climate control, fog lamps, power/heated front seats, GPS navigation system, and a premium sound system.

These Companies Offer the Cheapest Subaru Outback Insurance

Subaru Outback: Associated Insurance Costs

Lowering your insurance costs can be as easy as doing preliminary research. Statistics show that the best way to save is actually by shopping around and getting quotes from different insurers. As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to get at least 3 quotes. Not every insurer will have the same discounts or incentives, so this way you’ll ensure that you get the absolute best deal.

There are also risk factors that insurance companies take into account when quoting you a premium. Location is a good example of this.

For example, if you live in an area that sees high levels of traffic congestion, you will see your rates go up. The high levels of traffic equate to a statistically higher risk of your being in an accident, even if you are a safe driver. If your neighborhood is rated high on car theft rates, you might also see your car insurance premiums rise, as the cost of providing you with comprehensive coverage will go up.

There are other factors like credit score, age, and driving history that can help or harm you as well.

Subaru Outback: Safety Ratings

The 2012 Outback test results by the federal government haven’t been made public yet. However, the 2011 version scored an impressive 4/5 stars overall. On the other hand, the 2012 Outback has been recognized by the IIHS as a Top Safety Pick. This means that the car has aced its crash tests, and received a top score of “good” on all its impact tests. Generally good safety ratings will translate into savings for you.

Subaru Outback: Insurance Quotes

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