Subaru Tribeca: Getting Insured

The Tribeca is a good choice if you’re in the market for a mid-size crossover SUV from Subaru. It starts at around $30,000, though gives you an excellent selection of features. However, the MSRP isn’t everything. New car buyers should also be on the lookout for the associated costs of ownership. What is the fuel economy on the car? What will my insurance rates look like? If you’d like to learn how to save on your monthly Subaru Tribeca insurance policy, read on.

Subaru Tribeca: Ratings & Reviews

The Tribeca provides a smooth and quiet ride, though the engine can prove to be a little bit noisy during acceleration. It’s got plenty of interior space, though those sitting in the third row might find themselves a little bit cooped up with regards to legroom. Aside from this, the Tribeca has an impressively elegant cabin with an aesthetically pleasing look. The Tribeca’s engine provides ample enough power, as it’s powered by a 3.6 liter V6.

As far as features go, the Premium trim nets you automatic climate control and front seats. However, as you upgrade through the trims, you can see such features as sunroof, rear-view camera, premium stereo, and leather upholstery.

These Companies Offer the Cheapest Subaru Tribeca Insurance

Subaru Tribeca: Associated Insurance Costs

Most consumers don’t know how important it is to do their research before buying a car. By the simple act of shopping around for quotes, you can really lower your insurance rates. As a rule of thumb, try to get at least 3 quotes from different insurers so that you can compare and contrast. Not all insurers will have the same offers, incentives, or discounts, so it pays to look around.

There are also a variety of risk factors that factor into your premium. Location and driving history, for example, usually play a big role. If your driving record is free of traffic citations and accidents, you’re considered a conscientious driver. This will translate into savings. However, if you also live in an area that sees frequently high volumes of traffic congestion, you could see a rate hike. This tells insurers that even though you might be a good driver, the high volumes of people driving around you might not be. You are at a higher risk of an accident with so many people on the road.

Subaru Tribeca: Safety Ratings

The 2010 Tribeca received 5/5 stars from the Federal government for all passengers in frontal and side crash tests. It received a 4/5 star rating for rollover crash tests. The IIHS has also rated the 2010 Tribeca with the top score of “good” in all of its crash tests: front, roof, side, and rear. This has earned it a spot on the IIHS’ “Top Safety Pick” list. Safety ratings are important, because they can help lower your insurance premium.

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