What will monthly Toyota Corolla insurance premiums look like for this car? Fortunately, the Corolla is one of the easier cars to insure. Read on, if you’d like to learn how to save on car insurance. The Corolla is the mainstay of Toyota’s sales. Being an affordable and fuel-efficient choice, many people choose the Corolla. It gets an mpg of 28/35, and the sticker price hovers at just under $16,000. Even with such attractive features, it is still a good idea to consider the cost of ownership.

Toyota Corolla: Insurance Costs

There’s a variety of factors that go into calculating a premium. However, the average driver has paid around $900 annually for car insurance. Though take this with a grain of salt, as rates will vary from person to person and insurer to insurer due to a variety of personal factors.

One of those personal factors is a driving history. A clean driving history will certainly lower your rates, as you pose a lower risk to the insurance company. Another thing that can potentially help is the amount of miles you commute annually. Is this your second car? If, so, consider telling your insurance company that the car is used for pleasure, not business. Any reduction in annual mileage could lower your rates.

Perhaps most importantly of all, however, is to shop around. Get quotes from different c companies, and ensure that you get the best rates.

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Toyota Corolla: Ratings & Reviews

Although the Corolla has been on top of its game for the past couple of years, competitors from various companies like Chevrolet and Honda have outdone the current model. It is still an incredibly fuel efficient choice, it’s just that the interior could see some more refinement.

The Corolla is offered in 3 trims: base, LE, and S. The base model comes standard with a lot of features, though notably seems to lack any kind of power accessories. Upgrading to an LE remedies this problem.

The S trim level, equips the Corolla with a slightly more impressive 1.8 liter 4 cylinder engine, and gives the car some sporty styling. It adds things such as a rear spoiler, alloy wheels, and a body kit. It won’t please anyone with a need for speed, but then the Corolla’s aim is to appeal to the average driver.

Toyota Corolla: Safety Ratings

The IIHS has given the 2011 Corolla the distinction of being a Top Safety pick. This is due to the fact that it’s received the highest score possible, “good”, on front, rear, side, and roof crash tests. The NHTSA has also given the Corolla 4/5 stars overall. However, it only received a low score of 2/5 stars on side impact tests.

Safety ratings are important, because they can lower your insurance premiums, so always keep a look out.

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