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UPDATED: Nov 17, 2020

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Is it possible to get a better deal on cheap auto insurance in Lancaster, PA?  Actually, yes! But you have to know where to look, and how. That’s where we come in. is your number one portal to fast, free, and easy quote comparison shopping. It only takes a few minutes of your time, but you could end up saving hundreds.

South central Pennsylvania is home to Lancaster, the 8th largest city in the state. During its very early days, settlers referred to it as Hickory Town. It was eventually renamed to Lancaster due to its town symbol, the red rose, a well-known Insignia of the English House of Lancaster. Today, Lancaster is a hub four major industries such as tourism and healthcare.

  • Fun fact: Smile! You’re on Not-So-Candid-Camera…this is because Lancaster has more security cameras in public outdoor areas than some of the largest cities in the country, including San Francisco and Boston. Go ahead and click here if you’re ready to learn more about Lancaster, PA.

Auto Insurance Coverage Requirements in Pennsylvania

Driving legally in Lancaster requires:

Coverage Requirements Most Common
Bodily Injury Liability 15,000/30,000 100,000/300,000
Property Damage Liability 5,000 50,000
Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury Not required 100,000/300,000
Medical Payments 5,000 5,000
Collision Not required 500 deductible
Comprehensive Not required 100 deductible

Choosing the right amount of coverage is very important for you and your financial welfare. Nobody wants to waste money buying more coverage than they actually need. But for many, it can be difficult to figure out exactly how much coverage is appropriate for their life and their vehicle. Don’t be tempted into only purchasing the bare minimum legal limits just to save money. In the event of a serious accident, it can end up costing you much more than you’ve saved.

Most Pennsylvania motorists are probably spending about $96 a month for their coverage. With our help, you could be paying even less than that – or you could end up with superior coverage from a stellar auto insurance company for about the same price. It’s all up to you. But if you don’t start shopping around, you’ll never really know how much you could potentially save, will you?

Average Monthly Auto Insurance Premiums Legend: Lancaster Verti Safe Auto The General Allstate State Auto 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 $56 $49 $167 $62 $54

State Auto and Safe Auto are doing their best right now to attract business in Lancaster via lower pricing. Granted, lower monthly rates are great. But a low price doesn’t mean you’re getting the best coverage. You need to make sure that you compare companies against one another and look at important factors such as customer service and ease of filing of claims, too.

Pennsylvania auto insurance plans will be very different from one business to the next. So how do you know you’re getting the best coverage from the right company? Part of that depends on how they evaluate drivers like you and decide who gets what premiums. If you’re concerned about your driver profile and want to know whether or not you are vulnerable to being charged higher rates, keep reading. We will discuss the major variables insurance companies evaluate in detail and give you tips on how to improve your personal circumstances in favor of lower rates.

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Major Car Insurance Factors in Lancaster

Insurance companies use some pretty complicated math in order to evaluate risk and assign appropriate insurance premiums to each driver they service. But this math incorporates many different variables and gives a different amount of weight to each one. Some of the more important variables include:

Your Zip Code

Lancaster has a population of 59,302 people, making it the 8th largest city in the entire state of Pennsylvania. On average, most residents are bringing home about $37,516 a year. This information, and much more, can you give your auto insurance company a pretty good idea of how risky it is to drive in your zip code. Things like population size, accident statistics, and city road mileage can increase the likelihood of an accident the higher those numbers climb. And the higher your risk, the higher your insurance premiums may go.

Basic vs. Comprehensive Auto Policy Legend: Basic Coverage Comprehensive Coverage Verti Safe Auto The General 15 30 45 60 75 90 105 120 135 150 165 180 $56 $77 $49 $163 $167 $180

Automotive Accidents

Speaking of accident statistics, how does Lancaster compare to other, similar municipalities? The answer to that question is: they’re not terrible. As you can see from this graph, the rates of accidents in Lancaster are fairly low. In a perfect world, they would be zero – and that would give you an advantage when it comes to securing a lower car insurance premium for yourself. But given the population size and density, the overall price you pay for purchasing a policy from your provider will be lower than it would in a city where accident rates were higher.

Fatal Accidents in Lancaster, PA Legend: Lancaster Fatal Accidents Vehicles Involved in Fatal Accidents Fatal Crashes Involving Drunk Persons Fatalities Persons Involved in Fatal Crashes Pedestrians Involved in Fatal Crashes 1 2 3 4 5 6 2 6 2 4 1

Auto Thefts in Lancaster

But what about auto theft? Well, compared to about a decade ago, auto theft has declined by about 75%. So you shouldn’t get charged that much more based on auto theft likelihood alone. Just make sure you protect your vehicle with some sort of passive alarm system because many car insurance companies will offer you an automatic discount for this. Also, be careful where you park if you do have a vehicle that is vulnerable to auto theft. You may even want to talk to your insurance agent to figure out whether your particular vehicle is it a higher risk than most others.

Basic vs. Comprehensive Auto Policy Legend: Basic Coverage Comprehensive Coverage Verti Safe Auto The General 15 30 45 60 75 90 105 120 135 150 165 180 $56 $77 $49 $163 $167 $180

Your Credit Score

Pennsylvania is one of 47 states in the union where your credit score matters a great deal in determining your auto insurance premiums. As you may expect, the graph below reflects the fact that people with higher credit scores tend to get rewarded with cheaper premiums. Insurance companies do this because they believe people with good credit scores will be more financially reliable and responsible when it comes to paying deductibles and premiums promptly and reliably. Some may also have data which suggests that people with higher credit scores are statistically less likely to get into an automotive accident.

Auto Insurance by Credit Score Legend: Good Credit Poor Credit Verti Safe Auto The General 15 30 45 60 75 90 105 120 135 150 165 180 195 210 $56 $119 $49 $126 $167 $223

Your Age

The unfortunate truth is that the younger of a driver you are, the more profoundly expensive your monthly car insurance premiums will be. So here’s a bit of advice for the young drivers out there: stay in school kids, get good grades, and talk to your parents about bundling you onto your family policy. Oh, and make sure you take some form of driver’s education, too. All of these steps will make you a safer driver despite your lack of experience, and will hopefully make it less likely that you’ll get into a serious accident in the near future. It may not completely alleviate the burdensome costs of car insurance premiums which insurance companies levy against drivers under the age of 25, but it will help somewhat.

Auto Policy Age Comparison Legend: 17 Year Old Driver 35 Year Old Driver Verti Safe Auto The General 40 80 120 160 200 240 280 320 360 400 440 480 520 $444 $56 $287 $49 $521 $167

Your Driving Record

Your driving history is important to your insurance company – but only your most recent years. Although they would make more money charging you higher premiums if they factored your entire driving history into account, most companies are fair enough to only evaluate the tickets and accidents (and resulting claims) which have happened within the last three to five years. Drivers with squeaky clean records can, of course, expect the most affordable rates. But if your record isn’t perfect, you should have a talk with your insurance agent about what you can do – like taking a defensive driving course – in order to get better rates in your area.

Driving Violations Legend: Perfect Record Minor Violation Major Violation Verti Safe Auto The General 15 30 45 60 75 90 105 120 135 150 165 180 195 210 225 $56 $77 $84 $49 $192 $235 $167 $180 $211

Your Vehicle

Pop quiz: if you file a claim to get a seriously damaged bumper repaired, which vehicle would cost more to fix? An old Honda Civic, or a brand new Porsche? The answer to this question is a prime example of why insurance companies charge different rates based on the type of vehicle you drive. Claims on certain cars, trucks, and SUVs will be higher and more expensive to pay out if the vehicle is it expensive luxury vehicle constructed of more technologically advanced components. The older and more affordable your car, on the other hand, will get you a nice little affordable monthly rate.

Car Insurance by Make/Model Legend: 2015 Honda Accord 2015 Chevy Corvette Verti Safe Auto The General 15 30 45 60 75 90 105 120 135 150 165 180 $56 $69 $49 $101 $167 $190

Minor Car Insurance Factors in Lancaster

Of course, tweaking some of the factors below can add up to some extra savings over time:

Your Marital Status

There are two reasons you can save money on your car insurance if you happen to be married. One, some insurance companies think that married people are safer behind the wheel for what one would assume are pretty obvious reasons – and some providers even claim to have the data to back it up. On top of that, insurance companies offer married drivers anywhere from 5% to 15% off their monthly policy if a happy couple decides to bundle their auto insurance together into one plan with the same company.

Your Gender

Did you know that almost every single insurance company used to offer different premiums to male and female drivers? Yes, they did this even when every other considerable factor was identical. Thankfully for many (especially men, who tend to drive more aggressively and therefore cause more accidents), most insurance companies are shying away from this. But you might want to do yourself a favor and ask some probing questions to find out where your insurance provider stands on the issue.

Your Driving Distance to Work

Commutes in Lancaster aren’t ridiculously longer than most other areas in the state – most employees will drive about 10 to 15 minutes to work each day, and another 10 to 15 minutes on the way home. Spending less time on the road during rush hour traffic with other drivers is a good way to not only prevent yourself from getting into an accident but getting a lower rate on your car insurance. And if you do things like carpooling or taking public transportation to work, it’s that much better.

But if you want to change that, don’t be shy about asking co-workers who live near you to see if either of you could save money on gas and a little bit of stress navigating through traffic every single day. It’ll benefit everyone in many different ways – including putting less mileage on your car. The fewer miles you drive on an annual basis, the easier it will be to get lucrative discounts from your car insurance provider.

Your Coverage and Deductibles

Unfortunately, lots of drivers don’t exactly know how deductibles on their auto insurance policy work. So here’s the short version: if you file a claim and your insurance company accepts it, you and your provider we’ll both share a portion of the cost. Your deductible is your share of that cost. The larger the share you agree to pay – in the form of a higher deductible – the less you will have to pay in insurance premiums. This is a reward from your insurance company for agreeing to be more financially responsible in the event of a claim. But since it can be extremely difficult and expensive to get back on the road with a high-deductible, some people choose low deductibles instead even though it raises their monthly premium. It’s a trade-off.

Education in Lancaster, PA

A sizable portion of the Lancaster population is made up of proud high school graduates – nearly 37%, to be exact. Either that or they’ve earned the equivalent to a high-school diploma. The town does have fewer college graduates than the state average, but at least 16% of the residents have a bachelor’s degree. And this will definitely save them some money if their insurance provider is one who rewards drivers with discounts for having a higher education (yes, that’s a thing!).

Depending on the type of higher education you want, you may have to drive a little bit of a distance in order to get it. If you’re an aspiring artist, theocratic scholar, or esthetician, you have a good number of local options. But if you want a more traditional degree or if you just want a greater variety of options, you might need to travel about 20 to 30 miles or more for that degree.

So if you already have the perfect driver profile and still want a better monthly premium – or if you’re lacking in a few of those departments but want to get more affordable auto insurance anyway – what else can you do? You can compare quotes between different companies with us, that’s what! We can get you up to 5 fast, free quotes from local providers in your area in just a matter of minutes. You could start saving 37% or more right now with us. Don’t delay – just enter your zip code and we’ll get started.

How We Conducted Our Car Insurance Analysis

*We calculated our average rate based on the following metrics: a married, 34-year-old male with good credit, a 12-month history of maintaining auto insurance, a clean driving record, who owns his own home. Miles driven annually were based on the national average. The average rate was also calculated based on a financed 2015 Honda Accord with a pre-installed anti-theft device.


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