Scholarship Winners

Each year, the Scholarship program here at AIEZ gets harder to score. The amount and quality of the entries we receive continues to increase, making it difficult to choose just one.

2017 Scholarship

The honor of winning the 2017 essay contest goes to Crystal Hart of Illinois. We felt her essay best addressed the following questions included in the essay prompt:

  • What can the nation as a whole do to decrease automotive accidents and promote driver safety?
  • What can/should states do to decrease automotive accidents and promote driver safety?
  • What should cities, towns, municipalities, and local communities do to decrease automotive accidents and promote driver safety?
  • What can you, as an individual and a young driver, do to decrease automotive accidents and promote driver safety?

The length of each applicant’s essay was limited to 1,500 words or less. Despite this constraint, Crystal’s entry addressed the lack of support, financial and otherwise, for thorough and universal driver’s education programs in the USA. Her essay also offered up practical solutions which, if implemented, could could spur a rebirth of driver’s education initiatives in public and private schools all across the country.

In the end, it was difficult to pick a winner given the large number of well-written, high-quality submissions we received. Because of this, we are also publishing a series of honorable mentions which deserve their moment in the spotlight. These essays cover such topics as the need for better, more reliable methods of public transportation; reducing the proliferation of “scam” driver’s ed schools which lack proper certification and fail to teach students safe driving practices; and encouraging young drivers to be more cautions behind the wheel with graphic but educational examples of how unsafe driving can turn deadly.

2018 Scholarship

In 2018, we changed our scholarship question to one of two topics:

  • The environment is important to us here at AIEZ. Write an essay that discusses pollution caused by cars, factors to improving it, and what should be done in the future to lower it.
  • The car industry has experienced a lot of changes in the last decade. Between ride-sharing apps like Uber and the rise of semi-autonomous vehicles, the world of cars is changing. Write an essay about the future of the auto industry. How will the way we drive cars change in the next 10-20 years?

The entry limited to 1,500 words and in order to score 2018, we needed to go through over 100 essays! The competition was fierce, but we ended up with Hannah Jarrol as our winner.

There were additional entries that caught her eye, and we would like to share them with you as well. Here is our list of runner-ups: