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Hagerty Insurance is a family-owned business that has been insuring collector vehicles since 1983. Currently, it is the number one provider of boutique collector car and boat insurance in the world. They provide road service, agreed value coverage, and flexible options for their policies.

For your convenience, a policy with Hagerty comes with flatbed towing service for classic vehicles to keep their mileage down. Also, Hagerty provides online account management for payments, claims processing, and managing your general policy.

According to A.M. Best, Hagerty is financially strong. The financial ratings company has given them an A grade, which means “Excellent”. This means that, should you choose to insure your classic car with Hagerty and unfortunately need to make a claim, they will have no problem covering the costs.

The Details on Hagerty Car Insurance

If you are a collector of classic cars and/or boats, then Hagerty car insurance is the company you’re looking for. Keep in mind, however, that these vehicles must be for car shows, limited driving, and other events; if your classic car is also your main means of transportation, you may have trouble getting Hagerty to cover your insurance needs.

Classic cars and other collector vehicles have special towing, storage, and other needs. The Hagerty company recognized this when they went into business to insure such vehicles. Keep in mind, however, that not all old cars are “classic” and not all younger model cars are exempt from classic car coverage just because of their young age.

Does your Vehicle Qualify for Hagerty Auto Insurance?

The type of vehicle you drive is important in determining whether or not you can get coverage from Hagerty. Just because a car is old doesn’t make it a collector’s item. Alternatively, you as a motorist must also meet specific qualifications. Do you drive your classic vehicle often? Do you park it outside instead of storing it indoors? Do you have several blemishes on your driving record? If so, you may not be eligible for Hagerty auto insurance coverage.

Things to Consider Before Buying from Hagerty

Hagerty insures many types of collector vehicles. Some vehicles may not be eligible due to their limited collectability or the way they are used. If you are unsure of your vehicle’s eligibility, you should call Hagerty or check their website for vehicle qualifications. Your driving record is important, too.

Generally, one or two minor traffic violations or accidents per household are acceptable. The number and severity of violations on your record make you a higher risk for making claims, which might exclude you from being eligible to purchase a Hagerty car insurance policy.

Also, in order for Hagerty to provide the best service, the company needs to know that you are taking care of your classic car. Parking it outside or using it to drive to the grocery store are causes for concern. It will improve your risk profile greatly to store your classic car indoors and only drive it on special occasions.

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