Cheap Car Insurance in Vermont

Searching for Vermont automobile insurance? Sometimes looking for a provider can be tricky. But with, it’s as simple as keying in your zip code. We can present you with the top 10 insurance providers in your area, whether you live in a big city like Burlington, Essex, or Rutland, or a lesser populated area such as Colchester or South Burlington.

Vermont Auto Insurance – Average Premiums

Vermont drivers, luckily, are gettingto pay some pretty low average rates for car insurance at this time. Presently, the state average is about $60 per month. Other metropolitan areas, for example South Burlington, are seeing some respite towards the tune of $51 monthly. Other cities like Rutland unfortunately have a monthly average of $72 for their automotive insurance bills.

Average Auto Insurance Costs in Vermont Legend: Major City Burlington Colchester Essex Rutland South Burlington State Average 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 $59 $58 $59 $72 $51 $60


Important Vermont Auto Insurance Laws and Requirements

Finding cheap Vermont car insurance is simple if you know what the state requirements are. For starters, UM/UIM coverage is required in Vermont to safeguard against accidents with uninsured or underinsured motorists. Because Vermont doesn’t have any no-fault laws, you will not be required to purchase no-fault coverage. Liability is of course required by law, and with the following limits:

CoverageRequirementsMost Common
Bodily Injury Liability25,000/50,000100,000/300,000
Property Damage Liability10,00050,000
Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury50,000/100,000100,000/300,000
Medical PaymentsNot required5,000
CollisionNot required500 deductible
ComprehensiveNot required50 deductible

Choosing the Right Amount of Vermont Car Insurance Coverage

Driving a more recent vehicle? Why not a popular one? Well, then you are most likely have to not only the state minimum coverage. Liability only safeguards you financially should you cause any sort of accident. In each and every other occasion, like a hit-and-run, your insurance won’t shell out any claims.

Basic vs. Comprehensive Auto Insurance Legend: Basic Coverage Comprehensive Coverage Burlington Colchester Essex Rutland South Burlington State Average 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 $28 $89 $27 $89 $28 $90 $26 $88 $27 $74 $27 $86


Vermont DUI Laws

Arrested for DUI? If this is your first offense, you may face these penalties: up to 2 whole years in prison; a maximum $750 fine; your license may be suspended for 90 days; a minimum $160 DUI surcharge; attendance at an Alcohol and Driving Education program; possible treatment assessment; and you may be required to participate in a therapy program.

Not every driver is required to file an SR-22. These are for special cases when motorists are convicted of serious driving violations. These include causing an accident while driving without insurance, being convicted of a DUI, or operating a motor vehicle without proof of insurance. In Vermont, you will need to file an SR-22 in order to have your driver’s license reinstated.

DUI Car Insurance Costs in Vermont Legend: Clean Record DUI Violation Burlington Colchester Essex Rutland South Burlington State Average 10 20 30 40 50 $28 $57 $27 $56 $28 $58 $26 $55 $27 $57 $27 $57


Age Limit Laws

You need to be a minimum of fifteen years old to be eligible for a a learner’s permit in Vermont. After that it will require yet another 6 months, 50 hours of supervised driving (in addition to 15 night hours supervised), and you’ll have to become a minimum of 16 years old before you decide to be eligible for a medium difficulty permit. This permit restricts your driving between your hours of 11:00 PM and 5:00 AM, and prevents you against getting several under 21 passenger within the vehicle along with you between 6:00 PM and 5:00 AM. At 17 years old, you might be eligible for a full driving privelages.

Auto Insurance by Age Legend: Average Rates for Teenage Drivers Burlington Colchester Essex Rutland South Burlington State Average 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 $104 $101 $106 $98 $102 $102


Credit Score Laws and Regulations

Credit is really a difficult problem for many people. Also it only complicates things whenever your insurance provider uses your credit rating being an excuse to ask you for greater rates. In case your insurance costs are extremely high due to a bad credit score, consider registering for a totally free website which will help you monitor your credit, and may offer recommendations for enhancing your score.

Auto Insurance by Credit Score Legend: Excellent Credit Poor Credit Burlington Colchester Essex Rutland South Burlington State Average 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 $25 $48 $24 $47 $25 $49 $24 $46 $24 $46 $24 $47


Insuring your Vehicle in Vermont

The fact is that your insurance provider must termed as many particulars regarding your vehicle – such as the brand name – as they have to what you think to develop a precise quote. It is because the insurance policy is really for the vehicle, no a lot you because the driver.

Car Insurance by Make/Model Legend: 2015 Honda Accord 2012 Porsche Boxter Spyder Burlington Colchester Essex Rutland South Burlington State Average 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 $28 $100 $27 $101 $28 $101 $26 $99 $27 $99 $27 $100


Additional Vermont Auto Insurance Laws and Requirements

Additionally as to the was already talked about, listed here are more laws and regulations and rules that may influence your payment per month:

Highway Safety Laws

There’s no state law against aggressive driving in Vermont. However, that doesn’t imply that certain actions – like reducing someone in traffic or speeding excessively – are legal. It simply implies that they can’t add aggressive driving charges for your traffic ticket, like they are able to in certain other states.

Aggressive DrivingNo State Law
Cell Phones and Texting LawsPrimary all-driver ban (texting)
Inc. Penalty for High BACNo Inc. Penalty
Admin. License Susp. on 1st Offense90 days

Speed Limits and Cell Phone Use

To help keep things simple, Vermont has transpired an all driver ban for texting while driving, making it a principal offense (that is more serious than the usual secondary one). Likewise, speaking on the mobile phone while driving is another primary offense for chartered bus motorists, motorists having a learner’s or intermediate permit, or fully licensed motorists who’re younger than 18. Other grown ups can legally talk on their own mobile phone while driving – before the laws and regulations change, that’s.

Rural Interstate65 mph
Urban Interstate55 mph
Other Limited-Access50 mph

Important Vermont Contacts

Vermont Department of Revenue – Motor Vehicle Division – click here for information on obtaining your driver’s license, requirements for ID cards, and vehicle registration.

Official State Vermont Website

Vermont Department of Insurance How to contact directly:

700 West State St.
P.O. Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0043
Phone: 1-208-334-4250
Consumer Affairs: 1-208-236-6411

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