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Can Allstate Help You Find the Auto Coverage You’re Looking For?

Allstate has been in business for almost nine decades, and are now one of the largest publicly traded insurance providers in the country. At last count there were over 16 million households with an Allstate policy of some form, whether auto, home, life, or a combination of the financial products they sell. They operate through a national network of local agents to take advantage of their large financial resources and give customers local, personal service. If you’re looking for an Allstate insurance policy, or just looking to compare them to other providers near you, keep reading for valuable information on how to get the best deal.

Allstate Insurance Review

Allstate has, according to their ratings, dedicated a significant amount of resources to looking like a reputable company. They have an A+ reputation according to A.M. Best, and a good enough standing with their customers to receive an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. They also have a better than average classification from the NAIC complaint index.

AM Best Financial Strength RatingA+
Better Business Bureau RatingA
Complaint Index (NAIC, 2012)0.58 (Better than Average)

Allstate Insurance Discounts

Allstate offers so many discounts that it can be difficult to list them all in one place. Allstate offers so many of them that there’s pretty much a discount for every customer. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean every motorist will qualify for every discount. Some of them include:

Vehicle-Specific Discounts (for anti-theft devices, passive restraint systems, farm vehicles, and more)Between 10% and 30% per discount
Policy Discounts (such as bundling, paying electronically, and more)Between 5% and 10% per discount
Lifestyle Discounts (available to senior citizens, retirees, good students, and more)Between 10% and 35% per discount
Driving Discounts (earn larger and larger discounts for safe driving)Between 10% and 45% per discount

Allstate Auto Insurance Options

Naturally, because Allstate is such a large provider with a solid financial strength rating, they offer all the different types of coverage you’d expect to help you drive legally in accordance with state law. Allstate also offers extras to help you create and purchase the best possible policy, such as:

  • Bumper-To-Bumper Basics – a handy online quiz which can help you figure out what type of coverage you need, and how you can save money on your policy
  • Sound System Coverage – specific coverage designed to protect your property in the event that a thief takes your custom-installed sound system
  • Towing & Labor – commonly referred to as Roadside Assistance by other companies, this coverage helps you with tire changes and jumpstarts if you get stranded on the side of the road

Comparing Allstate Insurance Quotes

Comparing companies against one another is important, but it’s also important to understand how your personal circumstances might alter your rate with a specific company. For Allstate, we compared various types of risky drivers wanting to insure a compact sedan:

Allstate Auto Insurance Quote Comparison Legend: Allstate Married Homeowner Poor Credit Single Renter Imperfect Record 15 30 45 60 75 90 105 120 135 $121 $135 $126 $129

It looks like Allstate is doing a fairly decent job of trying to provide fair prices across the board. Naturally, rates go up for having poor credit or having several tickets on your driving record. But unlike other providers, Allstate doesn’t seem to be taking advantage of drivers with unfortunate driving or financial histories.

Pros and Cons of Allstate Insurance

Claim Satisfaction Guarantee gives customers recourse for a dissatisfying claims experienceSome customers are still dissatisfied with premium payments and Allstate’s ability to communicate
Large network of helpful and knowledgeable agentsWith such a large company, being ignored or not having your claim serviced properly can be common

Clearly, Allstate is a large and financially strong company which has been successful in the insurance business for many years now. Their experience and expertise has given them the opportunity to hand out more discounts than most other providers, and to offer only modest rate increases for drivers lacking a perfect record. However, Allstate is a very large company, and it’s easy for small claims to get lost in the shuffle. Sometimes the personal touch of a smaller, local company can get you back on the road faster and easier. But you’ll still have to compare rates from several different providers before you can find the best policy.

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