Can't-Miss Facts

  • There are three main types of discounts, loyalty, driver, and safety
  • Auto insurance companies offer generic safety discounts but not specific discounts for safety features
  • Advanced safety features can be expensive to repair after a crash

Finding discounts is vital to getting affordable auto insurance, but will the adaptive cruise control discount actually save you money?

Keep reading to learn more about safety discounts and how to ensure that you are not overpaying for auto insurance.

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What is adaptive cruise control?

If you are setting out to buy a new auto insurance policy, you need to know which auto insurance discounts to ask for. There are three main types of discounts available from all companies:

  • Safety discounts
  • Driver discounts
  • Loyalty discounts

Adaptive cruise control is a safety feature that is offered on select vehicles. It allows you to set a speed and the following distance between yourself and the car ahead of you.

The car then adjusts speed whenever cars pull in front of you, allowing you to maintain a safe distance.

Which feature on your car is worth a discount on your car insurance?

Most companies do not offer individual safety discounts for each safety feature added to a vehicle.

Instead, policies will have a bundled ‘safety discount’ or ‘safe car discount.’ This discount varies from company to company but usually is maxed at 10%.

Do more safety features lower car insurance?

The short answer is; not really. However, it may surprise you to learn that safety features actually offer very low discounts for drivers. This is because of two main factors.

The first is that technology does not make your car safer on its own. Auto insurance companies want to invest in ways to prevent accidents, thereby saving themselves money in claims.

According to the NHTSA, speeding and other driver-related factors are the biggest cause of fatal accidents in 2020.

This data suggests that driver-related behaviors are the key to avoiding car crashes, not additional technology.

The second and more pressing reason is that it is expensive. The majority of tech added to a car increases the repair costs. Take adaptive cruise control, for example.

To sense cars ahead, this system requires sensors or a camera at the front end of your vehicle.

Unfortunately, in the event of a crash, replacing sensors and cameras is a lot more expensive than just replacing a bumper.

All of this to say, while having safety technology in your vehicle can help to save your life, and in some cases, prevent accidents, it is not going to save you very much money.

However, the best way to make sure is to compare auto insurance companies and their discounts before you purchase a policy.

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