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Acura RDX: Getting Insured

As most have come to expect with Acura, the RDX is a luxury vehicle in their lineup. This crossover SUV starts around $33,000. Luxury cars tend to be expensive to insure, this is why new car buyers should consider associated ownership costs in addition to the sticker price. What does fuel economy look like and what will your insurance premiums be? Read on if you’d like to learn how to save on Acura RDX insurance.

Acura RDX: Ratings & Reviews

The RDX is a solid performer on the road. It is equipped with a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, and handles even better when it is outfitted with the optional all-wheel drive system that makes it a joy to drive. It has a pleasantly elegant interior, and is full of enough tech features to excite the gadget lover in you.

It’s offered in only a single trim level. It comes standard with: xenon headlamps, sunroof, fog lamps, automatic climate control, leather seating, and a premium seven-speaker stereo with six-CD changer among other features. In addition to this, you can opt to add on the technology package, which gives you a rear view camera, GPS navigation system, 10-speaker surround sound stereo with DVD, and an intelligent solar-sensing automatic climate control.

These Companies Offer Cheapest Acura RDX Insurance

Acura RDX: Associated Insurance Costs

Insuring a luxury car tends to be expensive, but there are ways that you can lower your insurance premium.

The most direct way to lower your insurance premium is at the very start of your quest to get car insurance, during the quoting process. Do not stick with the very first quote you get unless you have at least 2 other quotes to compare it with. Not every insurer will be offering the same incentives and discounts, so you would do well to research before choosing an insurer and sticking with one.

Other factors go into your insurance premium calculation, generally risk factors like location or driving history.

A clean driving history is indicative of a responsible and conscientious driver. This usually goes a long way to reducing an insurance premium. Location is another factor. If you happen to live in an urban area that sees frequently high volumes of traffic, you’re at an increased risk for an accident. This generally translates into a rise in your premium.

Acura RDX: Safety Ratings

Safety ratings can also help lower your car insurance. The 2011 RDX hasn’t been tested yet, though the 2010 model is similar enough for these purposes. The IIHS has given the RDX the top score of “good” on frontal, rear, and side impact crash tests. In addition, the federal government has given the 2010 RDX 5/5 stars for frontal and side crash tests. However, it received a 4/5 star rating for rollover crash tests.

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