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Cadillac STS: Getting Insured

The STS is a full-size luxury sedan in Cadillac’s lineup. It starts at just around $47,000 with its MSRP, but how much is it going to cost you to insure it? It helps to think about the associated costs of ownership when you’re deciding on a new vehicle. There’s a variety of factors that go into an insurance company’s calculation of your auto insurance premium. Read on to learn how you can save on your Cadillac STS insurance rates.

Cadillac STS: Ratings & Reviews

Despite being a full-size luxury sedan, the STS is relatively agile on the road. It boasts considerable performance, and other features of note are its excellent sound system. The major downside to it is the old-looking design that doesn’t inspire the styling of the new cars nowadays. Cadillac’s CTS does a better job at being a luxury Sedan with the right trims.

The STS sports a 3.6 V6 that provides an ample amount of power, and comes in three trims: Luxury Sport, Luxury, and Premium. Standard on all trim levels are leather upholstery, Bose audio system, OnStar, and automatic climate control. As you go up in trim levels you can expect to see upgraded features such as: heated front and rear seats, upgraded wheels and handling, xenon headlights, and a GPS navigation system.

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Cadillac STS: Associated Insurance Costs

Insurance rates will vary from driver to driver, but perhaps the surest way of lowering your rates is to shop around before buying a car. Get at least 3 quotes from separate insurance companies so that you can compare and contrast. One might have a more attractive incentive or discount program.

Aside from this, there are factors that go into your insurance premium calculation. Demographics is one of them. Women have been statistically proven to be safer drivers, for example. Drivers under 25 have been proven to be more irresponsible than those 25 and older. So if you’re male and under 25 you could see a hike in your rates compared to others.

Location also plays a key role. If you live in an unsafe environment, your premium could go up. It would be more expensive to insure you for comprehensive coverage. If you live in a place that sees high volumes of traffic congestion, you’re also at a higher risk for an accident. Therefore it’s riskier to insure you for collision. There would be another rate hike.

Cadillac STS: Safety Ratings

The 2011 STS hasn’t been tested for the majority of crash tests, but it got 5/5 stars for its rollover crash test. It has also received received the top score of “good” for front crash tests, and a score of “acceptable” on side crash tests from the IIHS. Safety ratings are important because they can lower your insurance premium.

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