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The company was originally founded back in the year 1844. Since then, it has changed names and owners several times, and through a series of business acquisitions, now offers its insurance products in more than 22 states across the US. Mercer Insurance Group, Inc. (part of United Fire & Casualty Company since 2011) offers commercial and personal lines of insurance to businesses and individuals principally in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Arizona, California, Nevada and Oregon through its insurance subsidiaries: Mercer Insurance Company, Mercer Insurance Company of New Jersey, Inc., Financial Pacific Insurance Company and Franklin Insurance Company. Best affirmed Mercer’s A (Excellent) group rating with a negative outlook. Some of these subsidiaries include:

  • Franklin Insurance
  • Financial Pacific Insurance
  • The Mercer Insurance Company
  • The Mercer Insurance Company of New Jersey

Among them, they offer the following insurance options (it should be noted, however, that not all forms of coverage are available for purchase in all areas):

  • Liability
  • Multi-peril
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Inland marine insurance
  • Commercial automobile insurance

They also offer homeowner’s and select types of non-commercial auto insurance in select areas.

Mercer Car Insurance– What you can expect to pay

In general, Mercer Car Insurance rates remain competitively priced and many customers find them highly affordable. They also offer competitive discounts in order to save you even more money on your insurance policy. Of course, these will depend on which branch of the Mercer family you end up doing business with. They will also vary from policy to policy. Be thorough when talking to a Mercer insurance agent, and be sure to inquire about which types of discounts and bonuses are available with your particular insurance policy. Because Mercer operates in so many different states, forms of coverage and their rates will vary based on your exact location.

Customer Service with Mercer

Due to the varied nature of the company, your own personal customer service experience will vary depending on your individual agent. Having said that, however, A.M. Best gives Mercer the award of “excellent” on a fairly consistent basis.

Mercer Auto Insurance Group – Financial Standings

Investment analysts who have examined Mercer recommend it as a stable company, encouraging shareholders to remain invested in their stock. It also prides itself on being one of the oldest insurers in the United States and its dedication to corporate transparency by publishing statistics on its financial performance every quarter.

Overall, The Mercer Auto Insurance Group as a company is a fairly stable financial performer; while their earnings aren’t necessarily astronomical, neither are they overtly risky in their business practices. They are also well known for providing excellent customer service via their independent agents.

A few things to consider before you buy from Mercer

Some subsidiaries of Mercer have a better reputation than others. Erie of Pennsylvania, for example, has caused themselves some problems by giving out much lower quotes than what customers eventually ended up paying. This particular subsidiary has also gotten themselves in trouble for refusing to honor comprehensive claims, such as from hail damage, which their fine print clearly states that the insurance policy is meant to cover.

A Summary of Mercer

In closing, there are a lot of good things about Mercer which make it worth considering when you’re in the market for car insurance. It receives consistently high ratings from A.M. Best for “excellent” customer service. In addition, the fact that it was able to survive the financial crisis of 2008 is a testament to Mercer’s financial strengths.

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