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anti theft car insurance discountInsurance companies offer an anti-theft device discount to their customers. Each and every year, over a million automobiles will be stolen within the United States. This is equal to one car every twenty-three seconds, on average. Statistically, the majority of car thefts could very well be prevented by just remembering to never leave your keys in the ignition and to always lock your doors. But for some car owners, purchasing an anti-theft system provides them with a little extra piece of mind…so much so that as many as a 25% of people with these anti-theft devices forget to activate them!

What Is the Anti-Theft Device Discount

These particular twelve states call for your insurance company to provide you with a discount on your current insurance plan should you buy a good anti-theft system:
• Washington
• Texas
• Rhode Island
• Pennsylvania
• New York
• New Mexico
• Minnesota
• Massachusetts
• Louisiana
• Kentucky
• Illinois
• Florida

Get an anti theft device discount on your auto insurance premium by fitting your vehicle with a passive electronic immobilizer (such as engine stoppers, certain passive alarm systems, and auto recovery GPS systems). Because you don’t have to remember to turn them on every single time you leave your car, they’re more dependable. You could receive as much as 30% off your insurance premiums if you install a passive device. For those living in Massachusetts, you’re eligible for at least a 25% discount for both a passive alarm system and an auto recovery device.

If your state isn’t listed above, don’t fret. Though not legally required, many insurance companies encourage their customers to buy anti-theft devices by offering lucrative discounts. You’ll definitely get your money’ worth if you decide on a passive anti-theft system, as these systems are favored by most auto insurance companies. However, manual devices will also reap some sort of discount benefit. But these discounts will vary from state-to-state and company-to-company.

Specific makes and models may put you at a higher risk for theft. The National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that the top three stolen vehicles in the nation continue to be older Honda and Toyota models. If you own a Toyota Camry or Honda Accord, be wary; the market value of their replacement parts makes them a popular target. So are large SUVs, such as the Cadillac Escalade or the Hummer. The high likelihood of theft makes these vehicles some of the most expensive to insure.

How to Get Anti-Theft Device Discount

To get an anti-theft device discount, you will require a passive electronic immobilizer. These systems turn on automatically when you leave your car and terminate power to the fuel line, the starter, or your ignition system should a thief get behind the wheel. The three basic kinds of automobile anti-theft devices are:

  • Mechanical – these mechanical devices either limit the movement of or completely immobilize the steering wheel. This prevents an unauthorized person from stealing your vehicle. These are the most popular anti-theft devices, mostly due to their affordability.
  • Vehicle alarms will dissuade would-be thieves by calling attention to your vehicle with loud sirens, beeps, and other noises. Sometimes the car’s lighting systems will also flash.
  • Electronic immobilizers immediately shut down the vehicle’s ignition, fuel line, or starter so that a thief cannot operate your automobile. Some vehicle alarm systems will come with a built-in immobilizer.
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