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  • Government GS1-GS5 auto insurance rates with Geico are $151 per month or $1,812 per year
  • Higher stress levels, employee attitude, and other factors may result in higher government GS1-GS5 car insurance rates
  • Auto insurance for government GS1-GS5 employees differs depending on your personal driving habits

If you are a federal government employee, you are likely to get discounts on a number of things. Often, auto insurance providers consider your occupation status and may give you discounts.

Since every auto insurance company is different, you may find specific insurance discounts that help you get cheaper government GS1-GS5 auto insurance rates with certain companies.

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How much are government GS1-GS5 auto insurance rates?

Every auto insurance company offers a variety of products at different rates for every policyholder. As per the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the average annual auto insurance rate is $1,190, or around $100 per month.

Knowing the national average, here’s what you can expect in government GS1-GS5 auto insurance rates with Geico.

GEICO Government GS1-GS5 Auto Insurance Rates
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As a government GS1-GS5 employee, you can expect to pay anywhere around these two amounts for your auto insurance. Nonetheless, a few additional factors affect how insurance companies decide on your auto insurance rates.

These factors include:

  • Age
  • Driving record
  • Vehicle make and model
  • Coverage limits
  • ZIP code
  • Commute mileage
  • Education
  • Gender
  • Credit score

While government GS1-GS5 auto insurance rates with Geico are higher than the NAIC national average, you may still be able to pay less than you think.

Comparing auto insurance rates from multiple companies and researching your coverage options will help you get the best auto insurance for government GS1-GS5 employees.

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How does being a government GS1-GS5 employee affect auto insurance rates?

Providers consider different factors when determining whether a driver is high-risk or low-risk. Does employment affect car insurance? For better or worse, employment is a factor auto insurance companies consider when deciding on your rates. (read our “These Factors Affect your Auto Insurance Rates” for more information).

For example, more drive time increases the chances of an accident and filing claims, which is why a job that requires a longer commute will result in higher rates. Therefore, if a government GS1-GS5 employee frequently travels by car for work, that person may pay more for auto insurance.

Another factor that often influences auto insurance rates is a person’s level of education. Most GS1 level jobs require no experience or education, while GS5-GS7 jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree.

Therefore, GS1 level employees will likely pay more for auto insurance than employees at GS5 level and up.

Additionally, job-related stress and employee attitude affect driving skills. Depending on which government GS1-GS5 job you choose, you may experience more levels of stress than others.

If your job tends to cause high levels of stress, it is safe to assume that that work environment will be considered by providers when choosing your government GS1-GS5 auto insurance rates.

Regardless of which field you work in as a government GS1-GS5 employee, comparing auto insurance rates from multiple companies is the best way to find rates and policies that work for you.

How can you find the best deal on government GS1-GS5 auto insurance?

Again, finding the best deal on government GS1-GS5 auto insurance rates depends on your needs and your willingness to take to compare car insurance quotes.

Since there isn’t one specific government GS1-GS5 auto insurance company, your best option is to shop around for coverage from multiple auto insurance companies in your area.

Another way for government GS1-GS5 employees to limit their monthly auto insurance rates is to maintain a clean driving record and reduce their government employees’ insurance company auto claims.

Providers consider a driver’s risk level when determining auto insurance rates, and as government GS1-GS5 employees typically have a higher risk level than others, they also incur higher auto insurance rates.

It may also benefit you to research what automobile insurance coverage options you need when looking for cheap government GS1-GS5 auto insurance quotes. Don’t pay for coverage you aren’t going to use.

Because government GS1-GS5 employees work for the government, they may be offered government employee car insurance. Government employee car insurance is auto insurance offered at a discounted rate for people who work for the government.

For example, Geico federal employee discounts are available in two forms: eagle discount and membership discount. The eagle discount is available to federal employees GS7 and higher, while GS5 and lower may be eligible for the membership discount.

Most providers will offer some discounts for government employees, but it’s always a good idea to ask your insurance agent about your options.

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Government GS1-GS5 Auto Insurance: The Bottom Line

Although government GS1-GS5 auto insurance depends on different factors, you may still be able to find it at a low cost.

As most companies consider education, commute mileage, gender, and more, it’s critical to have a general idea of what to expect when you’re getting auto insurance quotes.

Before you buy government GS1-GS5 auto insurance, make sure to look at all of your options and compare quotes online. Don’t hesitate to speak up about your profession and ask about auto insurance discounts.

Some companies may have unadvertised discounts or programs for government GS1-GS5 employees available that will save you money down the road on your auto insurance rates.

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