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The General Insurance”, otherwise known as The General Automobile Insurance Services, Inc., is a licensed auto insurance company which is also a subsidiary of the parent company PGC Holdings Corp. The parent company itself has been issuing insurance since 1963, but The General has only been around for a short time.

The General sells their insurance policies online. Although they don’t do business in person, only over the internet, The General and its parent companies have been awarded a financial stability rating of “Very Good” (B++) by the organization A.M. Best.

For the high-risk driver who needs affordable car insurance, The General has you covered. If you have a tarnished driving record, then looking into insurance from The General might be a good idea. The General specializes in high-risk drivers who either can’t get insurance from larger companies or have a hard time finding affordable car insurance due to their high-risk profile. Many customers who purchase The General car insurance have one or more of the following:

  • Several violations on their driving record
  • More than one accident on their record
  • Discontinued auto insurance or gaps in coverage
  • An unfavorable credit score

Their slogan is “For the best car insurance rates online, go to The General and save some time!” They also use a cartoon army general as their mascot.

The General Car Insurance Perks

The General car insurance prides itself on providing customers with a fast and (most importantly) anonymous insurance quote from their website. Also, for those who decide to buy The General auto insurance, the company not only offers low down payments, but also flexible payment plans to suit your budget.

The General and Varieties of Auto Insurance

The General markets its policies to the secondary risk pool (that is, drivers with a high-risk profile). Surprisingly, even if you’ve had trouble finding insurance before due to a low credit score or previous accidents, you may still get many different, affordable insurance options from the General. The General also provides insurance policies for drivers who have been convicted of a DUI/DWI, or who currently possess an SR-22 driving requirement.

What sort of Prices to Expect from The General Car Insurance

Naturally, the price you can expect to pay with The General will vary based on your unique situation. For some, this may be as low as $59/month; however, the average premiums for The General customers sometimes cost around $125/month. But your price will vary according to a number of factors, some of which include:

  • The zip code where your vehicle will be parked at night
  • The make/model of the car(s) you will be insuring
  • Your vehicle’s safety features
  • The number of drivers in your household
  • Your credit score
  • Your personal driving record

Certainly, drivers with a large collection of traffic violations or more than one accident within a short period of time will see higher insurance rates than someone whose only problem is a low credit score. But when compared to other companies, The General was shown to offer competitively affordable rates, even for the highest risk drivers.

Why You Should Compare The General with Top National Brands

  • The General focuses on high risk drivers and people who would not otherwise be able to get competitive car insurance rate.
  • As a result, their quote rates might be higher – much like for people who would like to buy a house but have a bad credit.
  • The company doesn’t serve all states, so select your state in the search widget below to see if the General is available in your area.

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