The Ram is an easy choice for those looking for a good, reliable pickup truck. It ranks first place out of 8 full-size trucks on the market in U.S. News and World Report. It even scored above the GMC Sierra, Chevy Silverado, and Ford F-150, which are all cars competing in the Ram’s class. However, when purchasing a new vehicle, it’s important to look at the associated costs, particularly Dodge Ram insurance. Read on to see how you can save.

Dodge Ram: Insurance Costs

Insurance costs for the Dodge Ram are squarely in the middle for pickup trucks in their category. They aren’t the most expensive rates, but not the cheapest. On average, Ram 1500 drivers are paying around $163.00 a month.

The Toyota Tundra makes for a slightly more expensive option, while if you choose a GMC Sierra, or a Ford F-150, you can see your rates go down slightly as well. Toyota Tundra drives normally pay around $167.00 a month, whereas F-150 owners pay around $155.00 per month. Chevy Silverado owners will pay the least at around $127 a month.

Though bear in mind that these factors differ from driver to driver. There are factors that make an insurance company give you a higher or lower premium. Are you a safe driver? Is your commute long? In addition, some insurance companies don’t offer the same incentives as others, so as always, shop around for the best rates.

These Companies Offer Cheapest Dodge Ram Auto Insurance

Dodge Ram: Ratings & Reviews

The Dodge Ram is a pretty smooth ride for a heavy duty pickup. Aside from its carrying capacity and towing abilities, the Ram offers luxury interior trims as well. It has a nice blend of rugged hauling power, and handsomeness that make it a premium choice for pickup lovers.

The Ram 3500, for example can carry around 5000 lbs worth of material, and tow as much as 22,000 lbs. Its diesel engine is powerful enough to let it get the job done.

The 2500 and 3500 models feature storage under the floor, and other interior storage options. However, upgraded trim levels, like the Longhorn trim, offer features and styling usually only seen in luxury sedans. It even has Dodge’s premier information and navigation system, Uconnect. With this, the Ram has a dashboard storage that can hold music, photos, etc.

Dodge Ram: Safety Features

Safety features can also help you save on car insurance. The Ram 2500 and 3500 models come with standard features like:

  • Antilock brakes
  • Front and side curtain airbags
  • Tire pressure monitor

As you go up in trim levels, you’ll see an increase in safety features. Upgraded trim levels offer better safety gadgets like the rear parking assistance system. The Ram models have not been full crash tested just yet, however the federal government conducted a rollover safety test on the 2500 model.

Dodge Ram Insurance: Obtain a Quote

So, don’t hesitate. Input your zip code, and get several quotes to get you started on savings.