Volvo S40: Getting Insured

The S40 is a compact sports sedan in Volvo’s lineup. This car has been discontinued as of 2011, though it can be purchased used for as much as $23,000. However, as a buyer in the market for a car, you’ll want to keep certain things in mind; your expenses won’t stop after paying off your loan. You’ll want to take the costs of ownership into consideration. These are things like fuel economy, repair costs, and monthly car insurance premiums. If you’d like to learn how to save on Volvo S40 insurance, read on.

Volvo S40: Ratings & Reviews

The most recent S40 sports sedan is available in the T5 and T5 R-design trim levels. They both come standard with a wide array of features that you’d come to expect in a car of this caliber like: sunroof, stereo with 6-CD changer and Bluetooth connectivity, HD radio and sports suspension.

If you opt for the T5 R-design trim, however, you’ll see more aggressive and handsome styling on both the exterior and interior. These can be outfitted with leather upholstery, a GPS navigation system, and an upgraded stereo.

Equipped with fun handling, and a vivacious turbocharged engine, this car is a joy to drive. That said, it doesn’t really make a name for itself in this segment. It’s a good car, but you can simply do better.

These Companies Offer Cheap Volvo S40 Insurance

Volvo S40: Insurance Costs

One of the best ways to save on car insurance is by simply doing your research. It’s a good idea to get quotes from at least three different insurers, as a rule of thumb. Keep in mind that not every insurer is likely to have the same rates, or even the same discounts or incentive programs. By getting various quotes, you’re essentially ensuring that you get the best rates.

Another good way to save is by reviewing your current insurance plan. Have you considered lowering or getting rid of certain levels of coverage that you haven’t been using? Perhaps you have been accident free for several months. Consider raising the deductible. This will equate to tangible monthly savings. While you will be responsible for more funds up front in the event of an accident, it is still dependent on your being in an accident. So, weigh the pros and cons of monthly savings versus peace of mind.

Volvo S40: Safety Ratings

Safety Ratings are important, because insurers oftentimes give discounts based on how safe a given car is perceived to be.

The 2010 S40 model has been given a stellar rating of 5/5 stars for front and rear side crash tests. It also received 4/5 stars for frontal and rollover crash tests. The IIHS has given it the top score of “good” in front tests, and a rating of “acceptable for side and roof tests.

Volvo S40: Obtain an Insurance Quote

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