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  • You may be able to save money on car insurance if you work in a specific profession
  • Geico car insurance customers may be eligible for occupation discounts
  • AAA offers discounted car insurance to club members who work in certain fields

Auto insurance coverage is legally required in nearly every state. It’s essential to always thoroughly research your auto insurance coverage options to guarantee you find the best policy for your personal circumstances.

But while car insurance is a necessary expense, it doesn’t have to be a costly one.

Occupation discounts are a popular and effective way to save money on car insurance. Keep reading to learn how you can leverage your career into a more affordable auto insurance policy.

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Where can I get occupation auto insurance discounts?

Whether or not you qualify for cheap car insurance rates depends on several factors, including age, gender, and driving history. Your occupation may also influence your quoted monthly rates.

The table below provides a visual overview of the occupation car insurance discounts available at some of the more well-known national companies:

Occupation-Based Discounts Available by Company

Insurance CompanyOffers Further Education DiscountOffers Membership/Group DiscountOffers Occupation DiscountOffers Students & Alumni Discount
21st CenturyNoNoNoNo
American FamilyNoNoNoYes
Country FinancialYesNoYesNo
Liberty MutualYesYesYesYes
Safe AutoNoNoNoNo
State FarmNoNoNoNo
The GeneralNoNoNoNo
The HanoverYesYesYesNo
The HartfordNoYesYesNo

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Let’s take a closer look at Geico’s occupation discounts. Geico car insurance customers may be able to knock a few percentage points off of their premiums depending on their employment status.

For example, active or retired federal employees may be eligible for up to 12% in savings. Numerous other professions also qualify for Geico occupation discounts. If you think you might meet the criteria, don’t hesitate to reach out to a representative and shop around to compare auto insurance quotes.

If you have a membership with AAA, you may qualify for some of their auto insurance discounts. AAA occupation discounts vary in terms of the percentage discounted but are available to engineers, healthcare workers, and teachers, among others.

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Occupation Auto Insurance Discounts: The Bottom Line

Why spend more on auto insurance than you have to? If your professional background qualifies you for a discounted rate with your provider of choice, then take advantage of it.

Geico and AAA are only two examples of auto insurance companies that offer occupation discounts, so shop around with multiple companies in your area before you buy auto insurance to lock in the best rates.

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