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  • Roadside assistance is offered by most car insurance companies
  • Promo codes, discounts, and memberships are available for roadside assistance offers
  • There are different variants that are dependent on if roadside assistance coverage is best for you.

Driving a car is a big responsibility that you are going to want to be well covered for, in case of any accidents or mishaps.  Auto insurance coverage options are available for both car insurance and roadside assistance protection.

Do you need roadside assistance coverage? Most insurance companies and auto clubs grant you the opportunity to have that assistance in an almost immediate fashion. From locking your keys in your car, to having a dead battery, to needing a tire change, roadside assistance coverage will take care of your needs in cases such as these.

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Types of Roadside Assistance Discounts

Roadside assistance promo codes can be found on sites such as Groupon, Forbes, Slick Deals, and Retail Me Not.

Not only can promo codes be used for roadside assistance, but car insurance companies and auto clubs offer memberships and deals as well.

There are different types of auto insurance discounts to ask for when seeking out discounts:

  • Multi-policy discounts, which can also be called a multi-line discount or bundling. This applies when you purchase car insurance and other policies from the same company.
  • Multi-car discounts are available when you insure more than one car with the same insurance policy.
  • Car safety discounts apply when you car includes safety equipment like anti-lock brakes, air bags, and daytime running lights.
  • New car discount is available when you have a car that is three years old or less.
  • Students away at school discount applies for the parent. If your student is away at school and without a car, you may be eligible for this discount.

The discounts mentioned above are only a handful of an extensive list of what is actually available.

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What is roadside assistance?

Roadside assistance is an asset that is offered by most car insurance companies. A lot of the car insurance companies has roadside assistance as a free benefit, or add-on, to your car insurance policy.

If you run into car issues and find yourself stranded, roadside assistance helps you get back moving or tow you away to the nearest mechanic of your choice.

The following services are the basics of what comes with roadside assistance:

  • Towing
    • Your car will be taken to the nearest mechanic or a mechanic of your choice up to a specified distance.
  • Battery jump-start service
    • Providers will restart your battery.
  • Flat-tire service
    • Your tire can be replaced with a spare, but a flat tire for a motorcycle – or similar vehicle – may not be covered.
  • Lockout and locksmith services
    • Professionals will use a pump wedge or long-reach tool to unlock your car door. A locksmith is called if lockout services do not work.
  • Fuel-delivery
    • Enough fuel will be delivered to you to make it to the nearest gas station. If the service provider charges separately, it will be the local gas price.

The different insurance companies have networks and partnerships with local businesses to provide direct roadside assistance or arrange services on the customer’s behalf.

How to Choose the Best Roadside Assistance

Are you seeking individual coverage or auto coverage? This would most likely be the first question you consider.

Knowing whether or not roadside assistance is the best choice for you is based on various things, such as the age of your vehicle, distance and commute, convenience, costs, and if you have access to free roadside assistance.

There are other ways to choose the best roadside assistance for you.

Is a roadside assistance membership necessary? Consider if the costs of any damages and repairs would be more than the cost of the vehicle.

You should also consider if it is best for you to join an auto club or utilize the basic coverage that is provided by most car insurance companies.

An auto club is meant to provide coverage for cars, homes, recreational vehicles, motorcycles and watercraft. Decide what you are wanting coverage on, and from there make the best possible move.

Any other special circumstances that is involved in your situation should aways be taken into consideration.

Roadside Assistance Discounts: The Bottom Line

Five different insurance companies were named the best options for the year 2021 by the Better Business Bureau. Below is a chart of each company and the BBB’s rating of them.

The Best Roadside Assistance Companies

RankCompanyBBB Rating
1Better World ClubA+

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AARP roadside assistance is offered to Allstate members and can be granted a 20% discount. Compare auto insurance and read about Allstate’s review, as well as the other top five, before deciding on roadside assistance coverage.

The best roadside assistance options were determined based on four key metrics: the number of coverage options the company offers; the level of coverage provided by the base plan; the cost of the base plan; BBB rating.

Be confident when you are out-and-about, knowing that if you are put into a difficult situation, your insurance company and their network has you covered.

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