Do you qualify for a Safe Driver discount? If you don’t have any tickets on your record within the last few years, the odds are pretty good that you do. And this is definitely a discount that you should ask your insurance company about, since safe drivers can save as much as 50% off their monthly car insurance premium!

Get A Safe Driver Discount And Turn Your Safe Driving into Big Savings on Your Policy

Auto insurance providers calculate their rates based on risk. The equation for evaluating risk (a motorist’s likelihood of filing a claim in the future) is greatly dependent on an individual’s driving information. Motorists who have a clean track record can easily obtain reduced premiums. For most insurance companies, this is known as a safe driver discount.

Benefits of Safe Driver Discounts Legend: Good Driver Discount Multiple Driving Violations California Florida Illinois New York Texas 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 225 $64 $98 $128 $227 $30 $56 $86 $152 $85 $177

The majority of insurance agencies provide preferred risk discounts for individuals that remain accident free though it may also hinge upon your driving history. It is essential to steer clear of collisions, but the truth is you must also keep away from speeding and reckless driving citations, DUI or DWI arrests, along with other infractions which could sully your driving history.

How Driving Violations Affect Car Insurance Rates Legend: Minor Speeding Ticket Reckless Driving/DUI Conviction At-Fault Accident Several Citations on Your Record A Clean Driving Record Florida Texas Illinois California New York 30 60 90 120 150 180 210 240 270 300 $159 $225 $199 $320 $126 $114 $160 $136 $276 $105 $42 $49 $52 $75 $34 $91 $164 $101 $170 $64 $107 $153 $95 $321 $93

The sum you can save and the way you may be considered eligible may differ from company to company. As an illustration, a number of motorists may be entitled to this discount after 36 months and may max out following 5 successive years of safe driving. Other programs may give you a discount for each and every year of safe driving. In any event, overall discounts generally reach their peak between 20-50%. Enter your postal code to see if you qualify for a safe driver insurance plan.

Many Years of Safe Driving Legend: Safe Driver Rate After 36 Months After 72 Months Florida Texas Illinois California New York 15 30 45 60 75 90 105 120 135 150 $159 $127 $93 $114 $92 $73 $42 $33 $21 $91 $73 $46 $107 $84 $51


Do you Qualify For a Good Driver Discount?

A good driver discount becomes applicable if all of the following circumstances listed below are met. Good Drivers generally possess an official title in the auto insurance industry known as “preferred risk drivers”. The desired profile of a preferred risk driver is:

  • Someone older than 25 with more than 5 years driving experience
  • Having a spotless Driving Record free of collisions, citations, and moving violations for at least the past 36 months (three years or more)
  • Great Credit with a higher than average credit score for your particular zip code
  • Good Citizens, or drivers who have not been convicted for any vehicle-related crimes during their driving history
  • Defensive Driver Education – This varies from company to company, but can help shave points off your record

Even if your driving history comes with a checkered past, there’s still hope. The longer you go without putting any new violations on your record, the easier it will be to obtain safe driving discounts. Also, the less serious your violations are (and the less frequently they involve alcohol, according to the NHTSA), the better off you will be.

Whatever your age, credit score, or profession may be, you will receive serious benefits if you happen to be a safe driver. A clean driving record will lead to a lower car insurance premium and safe driver insurance will save you tons of money in the long run.