Can't-Miss Facts

  • EatStreet delivery drivers are required to provide proof of insurance.
  • Personal auto insurance will most likely not cover accidents that take place during business hours.
  • Delivery drivers should strongly consider purchasing commercial auto insurance or a business-use add-on.

EatStreet is a website and app that allows individuals to place orders from restaurants in their area. You can also sign up to become a delivery driver.

To become a driver, you will need to make sure you meet EatStreet auto insurance coverage requirements. Read more below to learn about your coverage options as an EatStreet delivery driver.

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Do I need insurance to be an EatStreet delivery driver?

Yes, you will need to provide proof of insurance that meets or exceeds your state’s insurance requirements when applying to become an EatStreet delivery driver.

In most cases, EatStreet delivery drivers are considered employees. This would typically mean your employer is responsible for damages caused during an accident.

However, EatStreet differs in that they consider you fully responsible for making sure you have the correct delivery driver auto insurance.

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Is my personal auto insurance enough?

You must report your occupation as a delivery driver to your personal insurance company. However, most of the time, they won’t cover any accidents that occur during deliveries.

Unless your policy includes some part-time business use, you will be responsible for covering any costs associated with an accident during your working hours.

If you fail to report your delivery driving to your insurer, you put yourself at risk of having claims denied and having your coverage cancelled, so it is always recommended you do things the honest way.

Do I need commercial auto insurance as a delivery driver?

If you are an EatStreet delivery driver, you may need to purchase a commercial auto insurance policy. While it will most likely be more expensive than your personal policy, it will cover any accidents that happen while you are working.

Part-time delivery drivers may also ask their auto insurance companies if they offer business-use add-ons, which they can add to their personal policy for an extra fee. Depending on the company, there may be a limit to how many hours or miles of delivery driving this add-on will cover.


You are required to carry adequate auto insurance to be an EatStreet delivery driver. Always compare auto insurance before you make a decision about what company or policy to go with.

Your personal auto insurance may not cover accidents that occur while you are making deliveries. However, you should always report your occupation so you don’t risk having claims denied or losing your coverage.

It is recommended you purchase either a commercial auto insurance policy or a business-use add-on for your personal policy. If you need help finding affordable auto insurance rates, use our free tool below to compare insurance quotes for free.