Porsche Boxster: Getting Insurance

The Boxster is a convertible sports car in Porsche’s lineup. It starts at just $49,500, which isn’t bad for an upscale entry-level sports car. However, please bear in mind that your expenses don’t stop once you finish paying off your car loan. You’ll have to consider the associated costs of ownership. What will fuel economy be? Will the car be costly to repair? What will your monthly insurance premium look like? If you’d like to learn how to save more on Porsche Boxster insurance, please read on.

Porsche Boxster: Ratings & Reviews

Similar to previous models in styling, the Porsche Boster has gotten some design changes from the 2012 version. The interior is more spacious, and it has been outfitted for better handling and suspension to improve performance.

It is offered in two models: the base model and the Boxster S. The base car is rear-wheel drive and sports a 2.7 liter engine, while the Boster S gets an upgraded 3.4 liter engine. Both of them come with manual transmission standard with an automatic as optional.

It has many standard features, and many more optional features still. It is truly a versatile car.

These Companies Offer the Cheapest Porsche Boxster Insurance

Porsche Boxster: Insurance Costs

On average, Boxster owners are paying around $1,800 for insurance nationally. How can we lower your insurance premium?

Perhaps the best way to save on auto insurance is by shopping around for car insurance companies. Don’t just stick with the first quote you’re given. Get several quotes from different insurance companies. This way you’ll ensure that you’re being given the best rates. Some insurers will have incentives and discounts that others do not.

Another thing that you might consider doing is looking at your existing policy, and perhaps cutting out certain levels of coverage. If you’ve been accident-free for the past couple of years, you might consider reducing your collision and comprehensive coverage by raising the deductible. You will be responsible for more money up front in the event of an accident; however, you will see tangible savings on your monthly premium that aren’t contingent upon you being involved in an accident.

Porsche Boxster: Safety Features

Safety features are important to consider because they could help lower your insurance premium. Insurance is a matter of risk management, so the less the risk you pose, the lower your insurance rates will likely be. This is why it’s important that your insurers perceive your car as safe.

The Boxster has a long list of safety features including the following:

  • Anti-lock Brakes
  • Stability Control
  • Airbags (Front, side, overhead,
  • Security System

Porsche Boxster: Obtain an Insurance Quote

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