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So, you have just purchased your new Volkswagen beetle. It was attractively priced at just under $20,000, and drives like a dream, though did you take into account the costs of ownership? Things like fuel economy and insurance costs are important to take into consideration when buying a new vehicle.

Volkswagen Beetle Insurance Costs

There are many ways that you can save on car insurance. Perhaps the most important thing you can do when purchasing a new car is to do your research. Get quotes from a variety of companies, and compare them. Don’t just stick to the first quote you’re given, weigh your options. Discounts, rates, and incentives will vary from insurer to insurer, so by getting multiple quotes, you’re ensuring that you will get the best rates.

Other factors are important like:

  • Driving History

The fewer traffic citations and accidents you have on your record, the lower your rates will be. Having a clean record shows that you are a conscientious driver; as such your rates will go down.

  • Demographics

Age plays a particularly big factor. Younger drivers below 25 are oftentimes considered inexperienced and sometimes reckless.

Living in an urban area full of traffic congestion puts you at higher risk of being in an accident. Your rates will increase.

Statistics show that married couples are often more responsible than single people. They usually enjoy a discount specific to being married.

  • Credit History

This is a general measure of financial responsibility; generally this people who are responsible with their money turn out to be responsible drivers.

These Companies Offer Cheap Volkswagen Beetle Auto Insurance Rates

Volkswagen Beetle: Ratings & Reviews

The Beetle will get you noticed with its distinctive styling, and will provide a smooth ride. The New Beetle has been a long time in the making from 1998-2010. Towards the later years, Volkswagen added various luxury features to the car like heated seats and satellite radio. It comes standard with many things like air conditioning, anti-lock brakes, etc.

The more recent models from 2006 forward, sport a relatively impressive 2.5 liter five cylinder engine that produces 150 horsepower. It provides a smooth and spirited ride.

Volkswagen Beetle: Safety Ratings

Safety features and ratings can also lower your insurance premium.
The IIHS and NHTSA have not crash tested the 2012 Beetle yet, though the car has an impressive array of safety features. Among them are included:

  • Crash response system
  • Brake pressure distribution
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Airbags (Front, rear, and side-curtain)

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