Can't-Miss Facts

  • A recent retirees discount provides savings for retired individuals
  • Some of the best auto insurance companies for seniors include The Hartford, Geico, and Allstate
  • Retired individuals may also save with mature driver discounts, low-mileage discounts, third-party discounts, and by increasing their deductible

If you’re retired, you may be able to buy recent retirees discount auto insurance to get cheaper rates. Seniors and retired individuals can take advantage of many different types of savings. Let’s explore some of your options below.

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How much is a recent retirees discount?

A recent retirees discount provides savings to those who have just entered retirement. The average savings for a recent retirees auto insurance discount is around 10%.

Finding a recent retirees discount auto insurance company is somewhat difficult since companies may offer similar but slightly different discounts. Keep reading to learn more about which car insurance companies are best for seniors and where you can compare auto insurance quotes for free.

What are the best auto insurance companies for seniors?

With or without a recent retirees insurance discount, some auto insurance companies provide better rates and benefits for seniors.

The AARP auto insurance program from The Hartford is specifically made for people over 50, which means its rates already come with a special discount. Other benefits include RecoverCare to help with care costs after an accident and new-car replacement.

Allstate may have slightly higher rates than other companies, but they offer great senior discounts, including a “55 and Retired” discount. The company also provides services like rideshare coverage, antique car coverage, and other specific insurance policies to tailor your coverage.

Geico does not offer any senior discounts, but they do have lower rates than many companies. They also offer a Prime Time contract for people over 50, which guarantees renewal.

How else can seniors save on auto insurance?

Besides recent retirees discount auto insurance rates, there are other ways for seniors to save on auto insurance. You just need to know about which auto insurance discounts to ask for.

Some discounts that retired people may qualify for include safe driver discounts or multi-car and multi-policy discounts. Seniors and retired individuals may also qualify for a mature driver discount, which typically provides savings starting between 55 and 60.

If you’re retired and driving less, you may also qualify for a low-mileage discount, which provides savings to those who don’t drive over a certain number of miles per day.

AARP and AAA may get you senior discounts or access to benefits, such as defensive driving courses, that can allow you to reduce your auto insurance rates.

If you’re able to, you could also increase your deductible. This would increase how much you would need to pay out of pocket for an accident, but your monthly rates would go down.

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