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UPDATED: Aug 5, 2020

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A brief overview...

  • The average cost of car insurance for seniors is $103.78 per month or $1,245.35 annually.
  • Senior citizens 75 and older are more likely to file claims than any other age bracket.
  • Discounts can help older drivers save money on auto insurance.

Experience behind the wheel is a good thing, but age can take its toll. Vision impairment, slower reflexes, and an increased rate of fatal accidents make older drivers riskier to insure. The average rate of senior auto insurance starts to increase around the age of 75.

Our comprehensive guide will help ensure senior drivers get their best possible rates, even if they purchase more than the state’s minimum auto insurance requirements. Keep reading to learn more.

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Auto Insurance for Seniors Rates: How does age affect auto insurance rates?

In most states, women aged sixty receive the cheapest average rates. But does auto insurance go up when you turn 65? In some cases, yes.

Customarily, auto insurance companies determine your rates based on how risky a driver you are. Companies use fatal crash statistics to help determine which demographics are most at-risk.

Often, teenage drivers are given the highest rates. They lack driving experience and are known to cause accidents.

However, the National Highway Traffic Saftey Administration reports that nineteen percent of all traffic fatalities from 2018 were people aged 65 and older.

As you age, your eyesight fades and your reaction time slows down, inhibiting your ability to avoid dangers while driving.

See details about senior drivers involved in fatal accidents in 2017 in the table below. The data is from the Insurance Information Institute.

Senior Driver Fatal Auto Accident Statistics
Type of Vehicle FatalityPercent Aged 65+
Drivers involved in fatal crashes14%
Driver fatalities18%
Occupant fatalities18%
Pedestrian fatalities19%
Total traffic fatalities18%
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Data gathered from collisions, specifically with fatalities, show that elderly drivers are disproportionately vulnerable and at a higher risk for getting involved in collisions.

This is mostly due to the fact that an older body is more susceptible to blunt force trauma and less resilient when recovering from a serious injury. Therefore, seniors are considered high-risk drivers.

The following graph compares monthly rates that drivers 75 years old pay for auto insurance versus 31 year olds in different states across the country.

Average Monthly Auto Insurance Rates: Adult vs. Senior Driver Legend: 31 Year Old Driver 75 Year Old Driver California Florida Illinois New York Texas 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 $64 $76 $126 $191 $34 $45 $93 $223 $105 $140

Senior citizen auto insurance quotes can be substantially higher than younger adults. However, the cost differences are less severe in some states, like Illinois and California.

While these statistics may be a little hard to deal with, the unfortunate reality is that even teenage drivers are less risky behind the wheel due to their quick reaction times.

The following graph compares monthly rates for 75-year-old drivers versus teenagers who qualify for discounts throughout the country.

Average Monthly Auto Insurance Rates by Age Legend: 75 Year Old Driver Teen Drivers (With Discounts) California Florida Illinois New York Texas 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 $175 $76 $382 $191 $93 $45 $457 $223 $263 $140

As you can see, seniors do pay more than teens for auto insurance. In some states, like Florida and New York, the rates more than double.

Do seniors get a discount on auto insurance? To avoid over-paying for senior auto insurance, you should shop around for insurance. You can even save money by switching companies. Keep reading to see what discounts you may qualify for and use our FREE tool to get a free quote today.

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What is the best auto insurance for seniors?

Older drivers are keeping their licenses longer than ever, and are driving more and more each year.

Insurance companies have partnered with the likes of AARP and AAA to offer auto insurance senior discounts and help older drivers maintain their independence and ability to remain mobile.

If you’re wondering what factors affect rates for seniors, companies care about more than just age. Your recent driving history will also impact how your premium is calculated as will your gender, credit history, and details about the city you live in.

Take a look at the table below, which compares rates for senior citizens by age from Geico and Progressive. We used Maine and Louisiana because they are the states with the lowest and highest insurance rates in the nation, respectively.

Average Monthly Auto Insurance Rates for Senior Drivers by Age
Age of DriverProgressive (Maine)Geico (Maine)Progressive (Louisiana)Geico (Louisiana)
50-year-old male$42.67$49.64$120.03$149.52
50-year-old female$46.00$49.64$132.36$179.09
55-year-old male$42.67$49.64$115.53$143.34
55-year-old female$46.00$49.64$131.03$170.52
60-year-old male$42.67$49.64$117.86$146.73
60-year-old female$46.00$49.64$131.70$181.01
65-year-old male$43.22$49.64$140.03$145.88
65-year-old female$46.00$49.64$144.70$168.61
70-year-old male$42.67$49.64$140.03$143.68
70-year-old female$46.00$49.64$144.70$166.39
75-year-old male$42.67$46.10$177.42$221.82
75-year-old female$46.00$46.10$185.04$214.30
80-year-old male$42.67$46.10$177.42$221.66
80-year-old female$46.00$46.10$185.04$214.16
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So who has the cheapest car insurance for seniors? When it comes to companies that offer the best rates for seniors, Progressive and Geico insurance for seniors often come out on top. In Maine and Louisiana, Progressive does have slightly better rates.

Remember, the state and city you live in will also affect your rates.

AAA auto insurance for seniors over 65, as well as AARP, offer similar rates to Progressive and Geico. Is AARP auto insurance a good deal? The best way to know if AAA or AARP auto insurance may be a good deal for you is by comparison shopping.

However, if you are 80 or older, you may have trouble finding senior auto insurance in the first place. Some larger commercial companies will not insure drivers that age.

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Tips for Buying Auto Insurance as a Senior

Fortunately, we have lots of tips for securing affordable insurance rates for seniors.

First, if you don’t drive very much, consider getting rid of some of the different types of auto insurance to lower your monthly rates. You might be able to get along just fine with only the state’s absolute minimum coverage requirements.

Next, try taking a safe driver course. Online and in-person courses are available that can help refresh your driving skills and provide you with an auto insurance discount.

WPTV News discusses what those courses are like and how they help senior drivers in the following video.

Another easy way to secure cheap insurance for senior citizens is by taking advantage of bundling. If you can bundle your home, auto, and even life insurance you’ll likely see some hefty discounts.

Do seniors get discounts on auto insurance?

There are no federal government-mandated auto insurance discounts for seniors or low-income auto insurance for seniors, but there are still many other auto insurance discounts that you might qualify for.

Companies offer everything from paperless discounts to multi-car discounts. Ask your insurance agent about what your company offers to see what can help save you money.

Best Cars for Senior Citizens

If you’re looking for cheap senior citizen auto insurance, be mindful of the type of car you drive. Some models cost more to insure because they’re more expensive to fix or replace.

Take a look at the following graph, which compares monthly auto insurance rates for an economy vehicle versus a luxury car.

Average Monthly Auto Insurance Rates Based on Vehicle Make and Model Legend: High-Risk Vehicle Affordable Sedan California Florida Illinois New York Texas 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 225 250 275 300 325 $198 $64 $226 $126 $130 $34 $340 $93 $145 $105

Sports cars and luxury SUVs will always cost more to insure. If you’re over the age of 65, driving one of these vehicles gives insurance companies even more reason to hike up your rates.

Installing safety features on your vehicle will also help you qualify for discounts, even if you drive a basic sedan. It can also save your life.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Saftey reports that modern seatbelts and side airbags with head and torso protection lead to fewer fatalities of older drivers involved in accidents.

KFOR Oklahoma News discusses what elderly drivers should look for when buying a vehicle in the following video.

Front crash protection features, blind-spot detection, and other modern vehicle technology help decrease the rate of collisions.

Subaru’s simplified controls and added safety features make them ideal for older drivers. Higher seat entry levels make the cars easier to enter and exit. Choosing a vehicle that fits your safety needs will decrease your chances of getting into an accident.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Car Insurance for Seniors

You’re now an expert on securing cheap senior auto insurance. Refer back to this guide as much as needed while comparison shopping. In the meantime, check out our frequently asked questions below.

#1 – Does auto insurance go up at age 70?

You may see your rates increase after you turn 70, but it depends on your insurance provider. Usually, age 75 is when rates start to steadily rise.

#2 – What is the best auto insurance for senior citizens?

The best auto insurance for you depends on your individual needs and demographics. If you don’t drive often, we recommend a very basic policy through a company like Geico or Progressive. Both companies offer many discounts you may qualify for.

#3 – Is it better to shop online or with an independent broker?

An independent broker might be a good option for you, they’ll look for rates with your best interest in mind. However, online shopping is faster and gives you more control.

#4 – How can you easily compare rates?

You can easily compare auto insurance rates by entering your ZIP code into our free tool that appears on this page.

#5 – What red flags should senior drivers look for?

Senior citizens should be careful not to purchase coverage that is too high, especially if you do not use your car often. Make sure whoever you give your personal information to is trustworthy and reliable.

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