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Encompass Insurance Company, a subsidiary of The Allstate Corporation, focuses on personal insurance. They have earned ratings from A.M. Best which range from “very good” (B+) to “Excellent” (A+) as recently as 2009. Encompass operates in 42 different states.

Although Allstate may own Encompass, they provide different types of insurance. The focus of Encompass is on personal insurance, whereas Allstate sells a great variety of personal and commercial insurance. In addition, while Allstate tries to attract motorists with a low-risk profile, Encompass caters to drivers whose record might make them a higher risk and therefore cannot find affordable insurance elsewhere.

Encompass Auto Insurance Policy Flexibility

With Encompass auto insurance policy, you have the option to choose from the following forms of coverage:

  • property damage protection
  • collision and comprehensive
  • uninsured motorists
  • liability

Encompass also allows you to add supplemental coverage to the basic policies. This can include trip interruption coverage or electronic device coverage. Encompass also runs a claims center which can be accessed any time of day, any day of the year. Encompass can also help you find the right body shop if your car is in need of repair.

Another convenient service offered by Encompass is “Easy Pay”, which allows you to pay online, receive a monthly bill, and lock in annual rates. Visiting their website can direct you to a helpful agent or, if you are already a customer, you can file claims online.

Discounts from Encompass Car Insurance

Encompass car insurance company proudly offers its customers the following discounts:

  • An annual “safe driving” bonus
  • Good Student discount
  • Accident-Free discount
  • Senior discount
  • accident forgiveness discounts
  • safety equipment discounts

 Customer Service and Encompass

Encompass’ own Customer Loyalty and Tracking Survey yielded an almost 96% customer satisfaction rate in 2009. However, they earned a “below average” rating in almost all categories from J.D. Power and Associates the following year. On their satisfaction index, Encompass only scored 756/1000 (below the industry average of 790). Encompass insurance company ranked 29th out of a total 33 companies on that survey. Interestingly, their parent company, Allstate, fared better on the J.D. Power and Associates survey than their personal insurance subsidiary.

So why are the numbers so different when it comes to Encompass customer satisfaction? It may have to do with price. Because Encompass is willing to incorporate high-risk drivers into their pool, they are likely to be charged higher rates than low-risk drivers. This may upset come customers. They may also make it the claims process more difficult for high-risk drivers, because these claims have to be vetted thoroughly before the company decides whether or not to pay out. This has a tendency to frustrate most customers, who just want to get their car fixed and get back on the road.

However, Encompass might still be worth considering, especially if you have had difficulty getting insured in the past. For more information, you should visit the Encompass website. There, you will be directed to a local agent who can help you find the right vehicle insurance policy to meet your needs.

Why You Should Compare Encompass with Top National Brands

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