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Based out of the city of Worchester, Massachusetts, The Hanover Insurance Group happens to be one of the longest-running continuous incorporations which exist in the US today. They were founded back in 1852, and today they are known as a member of the 500 biggest companies which are publicly traded in the US market.

Hanover utilizes an advanced network of over two thousand independent insurance agents to sell their insurance policies across the US. Their main forms of advertisement include online marketing and direct-marketing; they rarely advertise on TV.

Ratings Information on Hanover Car Insurance

In regards to financial stability, Hanover  Car insurance has glowing reviews from A.M. Best, which has given the company an “Excellent” grade. Other ratings agencies which reflect on financial stability, including Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s, have also given Hanover high ratings.

In regards to customer service, however, Hanover did not perform as well as they did financially. J.D. Power and associates scored Hanover at 759 points (out of 1,000 possible) in regards to customer satisfaction. This puts them in 29th place on a list of 33 total insurance companies.

Hanover Auto Insurance Coverage

Today, Hanover auto insurance provides their customers with the following policies:

  • Car Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Homeowner’s Insurance
  • personal property Insurance

In addition, you may also purchase one of the more specialized policies listed below:

  • Insurance on a vintage car
  • Coverage for your antiques
  • personalized umbrella coverage
  • Insurance on a valuable collector’s piece of artwork or memorabilia

Hanover Car Insurance – Custom and Flexible Options

Your Hanover car insurance agent can craft a car insurance policy which is tailored specifically to meet your needs. Whether you want to meet the legal requirements for liability insurance in your state, or whether you’d like the piece of mind provided by increasing those limits, they can help you out.

If you would prefer a more comprehensive policy, the company also offers comprehensive policies and collision policies which can be added on to your main policy. You also might be interested in personal injury protection or medical payments, either of which (or both) can be purchased from Hanover. In addition, there are supplements which can be tacked on, such as roadside assistance, pet insurance, or rental car upgrades, depending on what state you live in.

Discounts from Hanover Insurance

In addition to affordable and unique car insurance policies designed to fit your needs, Hanover also provides their customers with discounts to help you save money. For instance, you can bundle multiple policies with Hanover, especially your personal, car, and homeowner’s policies, with the “Household Rewards” discount.

With specific reference to car insurance, there are many different discounts for which you may qualify. If you pay your premiums in full every time they are due, you can be eligible for a discount. Also, if you install an anti-theft device on your vehicle or purchase a car with advanced safety features, such as air bags, you could save even more. Good Student discounts and Defensive Driving discounts are also available. Additionally, you can have $50 taken off of your premiums every year if you sign up to pay your bills automatically. 

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The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc.
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