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Hastings Mutual was originally founded back in 1885 in the city of Hastings, Michigan. Originally, they offered insurance policies to customers in order to protect them against severe weather, such as tornadoes, windstorms, and many others.

But their business has evolved over the years. Today, Hastings Mutual Insurance Company offers several different types of policies to both commercial and private customers, including farm owners. You can take advantage of these services if you live within the state of Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, or Indiana.

While Hastings executes its business through a vast network of independent agents, they’ve recently branched out into the online market. Back in 2003, the company developed an online service called Policy Express. Through Policy Express, customers can get a quote or purchase a policy over the internet through a local agent. Now there are more than a dozen different policies which can be quoted and bought via the internet.

Hastings Mutual also runs a charitable foundation as a way to give back to the community. Founded in 2004, it targets families suffering from financial hard times. They work together with such organizations as United Way and Adopt a Highway, among many others.

Hastings Mutual Car Insurance

You might not be able to find a whole lot of information about Hastings Mutual Car Insurance if you look for it online. Rest assured, however, that Hastings has a policy to cover your auto insurance needs. They sell additional options, including Gap insurance, as well as standard policies such as collision, liability, and comprehensive.

Hastings Mutual and Customer Service

Currently, the size of the company excludes Hastings from being evaluated by the major players, such as JD Power and Associates, in terms of customer satisfaction. However, customer reviews aren’t that difficult to find with an internet search. Additionally, being a smaller company allows Hastings to do business on a more personal level, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Hastings Mutual Auto Insurance Policies

As mentioned, insurance policies aren’t the only forms of coverage for sale from Hastings Mutual auto insurance company. These additional policies include:

  • Farm Insurance
  • Business Owners
  • Personal Liability
  • Renters Insurance
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Professional Liability Insurance

And like most insurance companies, combining policies qualifies their customers for various discounts on insurance premiums.

Things to Consider Before Buying from Hastings Mutual

Despite recent advances, such as Policy Express, Hastings Mutual still appears to be behind the times, technologically speaking. If you’re looking for online information on Hastings Mutual, it is unfortunately in short supply. Also, according to some, their website is outdated and can be difficult to navigate.

Another problem may arise from their system of agents who sell and manage Hastings Mutual insurance policies. It may become difficult to contact your Hastings Mutual agent if you need to make a change to your policy or report a claim during non-business hours.

In short, if you prefer to do business the old fashioned way with a personal touch, Hastings Mutual might have an appeal. But if you’re looking for the 24/7 and electronic access offered by most major insurance companies these days, Hastings Mutual may fall short of your expectations.

Company Headquarters
404 East Woodlawn Avenue
Hastings, MI 49058

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