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Kemper Insurance, a subsidiary of the larger Unitrin, is based out of Chicago, IL. They specialize in all-encompassing coverage in order to reduce “gaps” in coverage which other policies might leave exposed. Kemper boasts a unique “Package Plus” option, which allows customers to bundle several policies in one with only one premium to pay for maximum savings. These can include homeowner’s, auto, watercraft, collectibles, or even identity theft.

Kemper prides itself on offering competitively priced insurance policies. Also, they have a web portal which customers can use to manage their account online. Kemper employs a vast network of independent agents in order to handle face-to-face customer service. Additionally, you may contact Kemper via their toll-free hotline which is active 24 hours out of every day.

Kemper Car Insurance Discounts

Kemper car insurance provides a great variety of discounts for its customers. If your vehicle has airbags, ABS brakes, or an anti-theft device installed, you can qualify for car insurance discounts through Kemper. For some of these discounts, it doesn’t even matter whether these devices were installed before or after you purchased your vehicle.

Also, families with college students can qualify for additional discounts on their car insurance. If you insure your young student driver through your policy instead of letting them have their own car insurance policy, Kemper is willing to reward you with significant discounts. Just make sure that the young driver also maintains good grades and earns high marks in a driver’s education course, and prepare to save even more money with Kemper.

Additionally, if your vehicle is currently being leased or you are paying off a loan on your vehicle, Kemper will provide you with GAP coverage. This way, you can be protected from your vehicle’s “gap” – the increasing disparity between how much your vehicle is worth over time and how much you actually owe on it. And if your vehicle is three years old or less, you can specify how much you want your insurance GAP coverage to pay for in the event of a car-totaling accident.

Kemper Auto Insurance Reviews and Ratings

Compared to other insurance companies out there, Kemper’s customer service reviews are fairly high. According to J.D. Power and Associates, Kemper auto insurance earned 3 out of a possible 5 stars in regards to overall customer satisfaction. Specifically, in such categories as “Billing and Payment”, “Contacting the Insurer”, and “Pricing”, Kemper earned 3 out of a possible 5 stars. And according to the J.D. thousand-point scale, Kemper earned 771 points. Their main criticism came in the category of “Policy Offerings”, where they only scored 2 stars out of a possible 5. For some motorists with special needs or those who want a policy tailored specifically to their driving concerns, the inflexibility of Kemper policy offerings may be a drawback. But for others, the comprehensive form of coverage might be just what they need.

The financial strength of Kemper is also exemplary. A.M. Best rated them “Excellent”, with an “A-“ grade. This means that the company is financially sound.

Why You Should Compare Kemper with Other Insurance Companies

Kemper doesn’t serve all states, so choose your state below to see if the they are available in your area. There are lots of insurance companies out there, and they want your business. Be smart and selective, and take advantage of websites like to conduct your auto insurance comparison shopping online.

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