Can't-Miss Facts

  • Educators are considered low-risk drivers to many insurance providers across the country because of their responsible reputations
  • Take advantage of cheap auto insurance for instructors or coaches if you also hold a higher education degree
  • Discounts for educators may apply to coaches and instructors

Auto insurance is required by law in the United States if you own a vehicle. But did you know that many companies will offer discounts depending on your job?

Auto insurance for instructors and coaches can be cheaper just because they’re educators. 

Insurance companies recognize the importance of educators to society, but there’s also another reason they offer lower auto insurance rates to this group of people.

Studies have found that some jobs tend to attract safe drivers more than others, and instructors and coaches happen to be one of them. 

Therefore, cheaper auto insurance is often available to instructors and coaches through different discounts and rates. 

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How can you get cheap auto insurance for instructors or coaches? 

The first step you can take towards getting cheap auto insurance for instructors or coaches is by reaching out to your provider and asking directly about discounts and auto insurance coverage options.

Some examples of discounts include lower deductibles for damage that happens on school property or higher coverage if teaching materials are stolen from your vehicle.  

You will need to prove that you hold your occupation and provide the distances you travel for work. Don’t forget that discounts for instructors can vary from each insurance company within each state. 

What impacts auto insurance for instructors and coaches?

Just being an instructor, coach, or trainer can allow you cheaper auto insurance, but other aspects of your life can also affect premiums. 

If you have an advanced or graduate degree, that can affect your rates with some providers. Sometimes, the specialization of what your field is in can open you up to more discounts. 

For example, specializing in childcare could afford you more discounts in the eyes of the insurance companies.  

The best way to obtain cheaper auto insurance as an instructor or coach is by reaching out to your provider or agent directly. Doing so may lead you to switch auto insurance companies for lower rates.

Some insurers that offer cheap auto insurance for instructors and coaches are listed below:

  • Geico
  • Farmers
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Horace Mann
  • Metromile

This is not a comprehensive list of auto insurance for instructors or coaches– discounts can vary by state and company. We want to give you a general idea of which providers offer lower premiums for instructors, coaches, or trainers.

Overall, looking into auto insurance rates as an instructor or coach is well worth your time. 

Why can my job affect my auto insurance rates?

Basing auto insurance premiums on a person’s occupation is common practice but is illegal in some states.

California, New York, Hawaii, Georgia, and Massachusetts have made it illegal to base someone’s auto insurance on what job they hold. 

People believe these claims are generalized and discriminatory. Also, many jobs considered high risk by insurance companies are jobs that pay low and don’t require a college degree. 

This means low-income drivers are being charged more just because of their economic status. 

You can still receive cheaper auto insurance as an instructor or coach if you live in one of these states, though, because of other types of discounts.

What are high-risk occupations for auto insurance?

Your occupation will affect how much you pay for auto insurance. People who work for GrubHub, Doordash, or any other driving-based service will have higher rates than others. 

That’s because being in your car frequently is something companies view as an increased risk. More time on the road equals more chances for accidents. 

There are many professions considered a high risk that you wouldn’t necessarily think of. 

Working in restaurants as servers or bartenders is risky because their jobs can revolve around late hours, parties, and drinking. Doctors and lawyers can be considered high risk because of their jobs’ long hours and stress.

These things may seem innocuous but are carefully calculated factors when it comes to auto insurance premiums. In the end, cheaper auto insurance applies to instructors, coaches, or other similar occupations. 

That’s mainly because they are viewed as low-risk people, meaning they are responsible drivers who are less likely to get into an accident.

Other Ways To Save on Auto Insurance

There are other ways you can save besides professional discounts. The easiest thing you can do is be a more conscious and responsible driver. 

That means respecting speed limits and not racking up traffic tickets. Your history behind the wheel can impact your rates significantly; therefore, it’s essential to keep your record clean. 

If you have good students, their high GPAs can afford you discounts depending on your provider. Also, raising your deductible to something high but that you can afford can positively reflect on you.

In general, maintaining continual coverage can prove to insurance companies that you’re reliable and improve your chances of getting lower rates.

Becoming an uninsured motorist is not a risk you want to take.

The Bottom Line: Auto Insurance for Instructors and Coaches

There are tons of ways you can lower your rates just because of small lifestyle choices. Cheaper auto insurance for instructors and coaches is something you should look into if you fit the criteria we mentioned above. 

If you’re interested in discounts or high coverage because of your occupation as an instructor, coach, or trainer, you should reach out to your agent or provider to find out exactly what they can offer you. 

Remember that your driving history, age, and location can all factor into how much of a discount you are eligible for. 

If you’re an educator, a safe driver, or don’t drive frequently, you should consider looking into cheaper auto insurance for instructors or coaches. 

Compare auto insurance quotes for coaches and instructors by entering your ZIP code into our free comparison tool now to get started.