If you are between the ages of 50-70, you’re in luck. Not only are you currently enjoying the golden years of your life, but you are also at the perfect age to receive some very substantial discounts on your senior car insurance.

Senior Car Insurance Tips

Staying independent and mobile is important at any age, but it becomes especially urgent as you get older. Muscle loss, changes in vision, and mental clarity are only a few of the many health conditions which affect senior citizens and also may impair your ability to drive. For these reasons, it becomes more risky to insure you – and also more costly – because the risk of accidents begins to rise.

Auto Insurance by Age Legend: 31 Years Old 52 Years Old 64 Years Old 75+ California Florida Illinois New York Texas 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 220 $64 $43 $57 $76 $126 $74 $72 $191 $34 $31 $28 $45 $93 $59 $79 $223 $105 $78 $85 $140

As you can see in the chart above, providers in some areas think that seniors on the younger side of the age spectrum are less risky to insure – most likely because they will be in better health and able to react better behind the wheel. Be sure to check in with your doctor often and get sound medical advice, especially if you think you might be developing an age-related condition which could impair your driving.

Find Car Insurance For Seniors

You’ve probably seen news stories about elderly drivers (75 years or older) plowing through a supermarket entrance or mowing down pedestrians on the sidewalk and thought “Why hadn’t their license been taken away long ago? They’re clearly too old to be driving!” Well, the truth is that that could be you someday. And it can be a very difficult and painful thing to admit when you no longer have that level of independence.

However, you can take steps to make sure you remain as sharp of a driver for as long as possible. We’ve already discussed going to your doctor to make sure you take care of any impairment issues affecting your health. But you can also take a defensive driving class or a safe driver course offered at your local DMV. If you notice your insurance rates rising along with your age, then this could help bring your premiums back down.

Choosing an Adequate Car Insurance Over 50s

Getting the right car insurance policy is important at any age, but so is choosing the right vehicle. And being a senior driver can pose some challenges which most vehicles aren’t equipped to handle.

For example, are your seats (especially the driver’s seat) easily adjustable? Do you have as much visibility as possible, especially from your mirrors? Is fastening your seatbelt quick and easy, or a complicated contortion? Have you been driving the same car for 30 years, or have you recently upgraded to a new model with advanced safety features? There are all important questions you need to ask yourself periodically if you want the best deals on your automotive policy as you age. Find seniors car insurance online.

Having the right car can make all the difference in the world. So, don’t be shy about being picky when it comes to your personal needs. Get car insurance for elderly today by comparing quotes.