Ram ProMaster City Car Insurance

If you like vans and you like to haul things, then we completely understand why you are looking for Ram ProMaster City auto insurance. For the most part, these vehicles are purchased for professional/business reasons. This means that you’ll need to purchase a special type of business insurance if you want to insure it legally and properly.

Depending on exactly how you use it, however, you may be able to get around this. Below, we’ll briefly discuss the difference between business insurance on professional vehicles, and private insurance policies for personal use.

We’ll also give you a slew of tips you can use in order to save money on your monthly premiums. Then use our FREE quote tool to compare rates now!

A Brief History of the Ram ProMaster City

The Ram ProMaster City has been around in one form or another since the year 2000. The first production run was handled by Fiat itself, and the European version of this nameplate was known as the Fiat Doblo. it is classified as a panel van, and some even consider it to be a leisure activity vehicle.

The Ram ProMaster City is the 2nd generation North American version of the Fiat Doblo. it has been available for sale in the US and Canada since 2015 in order to help Ram, Dodge, and Fiat take up a greater market share of the passenger and cargo van industry.

Ram ProMaster City in the News

In 2018, Fiat Chrysler issued a recall on some of their Ram ProMaster City vans because of a defect which could potentially lead to steering fluid leakage. It was a very small recall, and only encompassed a total of 224 vehicles.

Despite this minor controversy, the Ram ProMaster City it’s still very popular among businesses. In an unexpected trend – especially in the US market – the smaller size of the Ram ProMaster City can be attributed to the popularity of the vehicle.

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Comparing Ram ProMaster City Auto Insurance

Did you know that auto insurance rates can vary wildly by state, even if you are evaluating the exact same person driving the exact same vehicle? Most drivers are actually not aware of how much more or less expensive it may be to maintain an auto insurance policy from one state to another.

Hopefully, you live in an affordable area with things that insurance companies like, such slow traffic, fewer Dui drivers, and low crime rates. But if not, you may have to prepare yourself for higher monthly premiums.

Ram ProMaster City Car Insurance by State Legend: Ram Promaster City Alabama Oklahoma Texas Nevada Tennessee 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 $157 $91 $121 $95 $134


Do you know for certain that your insurance provider is giving you the lowest and most affordable rate? Does your current insurance provider have the highest customer service ratings in your area? Have you been through the claims process with them before, or do you have no idea what you’re in for if you do have to file a claim?

You see, auto insurance isn’t just about the lowest monthly premium you can get, although that is very important. Purchasing adequate coverage from a financially stable, professional company is also extremely important.

Ram ProMaster City Auto Insurance by Company Legend: Ram Promaster City MetLife ALFA State Auto Nationwide Allstate 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 220 240 260 $157 $222 $264 $229 $163


It’s unlikely that you will ever see a Ram ProMaster City van driven by a private owner for personal use. The vast majority of these vehicles are used to haul around expensive equipment for business and commercial purposes. This means that you will have to purchase Ram ProMaster City business car insurance for your vehicle if you want to drive it legally.

Business insurance tends to be a little bit more pricey due to higher liability requirements. Carrying large amount of liability coverage helps protect you and your business from financial ruin in the event that you are deemed at fault while driving around in your vehicle.

Insurance Premiums: Personal vs. Business Use Legend: Personal Vehicle Insurance Business Vehicle Insurance MetLife ALFA State Auto Nationwide Allstate 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 225 250 275 $157 $191 $222 $248 $264 $291 $229 $266 $163 $187


Did you know that there are very good odds you could find a lower rate on your Ram ProMaster City auto insurance right now? You’ll never know one hundred percent for sure, though, unless you compare rates.

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