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Cincinnati Financial Auto Insurance: Offering Policies in Over 30 States

For its size and scope, Cincinnati Financial is actually a fairly young company. Formed by four independent insurance agents in 1950, what started out as “The Cincinnati Insurance Company” in a small town in Ohio now sells auto insurance and more to over 30 states in the US. They have dedicated their business practices over the years to the same local, personal service that the independent insurance agent system is known for. And they hold their ethics to such a high standard that they have been recognized as one of America’s top 50 most trustworthy companies for the past 5 years in a row.

Cincinnati Financial Insurance Review

If your prospective insurer has strong ratings, then chances are they will be there for you when you need them and more than capable of paying out claims quickly and completely. According to Cincinnati Financial’s ratings, both their financial strength and customer service reputations seem pretty sound, so that’s one less thing you have to worry about if you decide to purchase their insurance coverage.

Ratings Agency Rating
AM Best Financial Strength Rating (2016) A+
Better Business Bureau Rating (2016) A+
NAIC Complaint Index (2012) 0.22 (Better than Average)

Cincinnati Financial Insurance Discounts

In the spirit of promoting a company which sells elite, top-of-the-line insurance policies, Cincinnati Financial doesn’t offer their clients “discounts”; instead, they are referred to as “premium-reducing credits”. But if you qualify for one (or more than one), you could end up saving some money off of your monthly payment:

Discount How to Qualify
Good Driver Credit Have few or no accidents over a(n unspecified) period of time
Home + Auto Bundle Bundle your home and auto policies with Cincinnati Financial
Higher Deductible Credit Raise your Homeowner, Collision, and Comprehensive Deductibles to $500 or more
Good Student Credit Show proof that each young driver on your auto policy has a “B” or 3.0 grade average (on a 4.0 scale)
Multi-Vehicle Discount Own or lease more than one vehicle on your policy

Cincinnati Financial Auto Insurance Options

Cincinnati Financial attempts to set itself apart from the competition by offering forms of coverage that you might not be able to purchase at your local, mom-and-pop style insurance office. For instance:

  • Rental Car Liability Coverage – in case you get into an accident while renting a car and are deemed at fault, Cincinnati Financial will pay for all valid claims against you. This comes standard with a Cincinnati Financial policy
  • Personal Auto Plus Endorsement – an optional package of different coverages ranging from transportation expenses, a deductible waiver, child safety seat replacement, and much more
  • Replacement Cost Plus – if you purchase this coverage within 30 days of purchasing a brand new car with less than 1,000 miles on it and the vehicle gets totaled, Cincinnati Financial will either pay off the balance of your loan or replace the car
  • Gap Coverage – similar to Replacement Cost Plus, except your vehicle doesn’t have to be brand new or have so few miles
  • Antique/Collector Car Insurance – for the sophisticated motorist who possesses a classic or antique vehicle and needs to ensure that property
  • Customized Equipment Coverage – every Cincinnati Financial auto policy allows for $500 of coverage to damage customized interior features within your vehicle; if you think those features may be worth more than $500, you can increase this coverage amount by purchasing more

Comparing Cincinnati Financial Insurance Quotes

In the chart below, we calculated some estimated quotes for Cincinnati, OH drivers based on specific risk factors that can drastically increase or lower a driver’s monthly premium:

Cincinnati Financial Auto Insurance Quote Comparison Legend: Cincinnati Insurance Married Homeowner Poor Credit Single Renter Imperfect Record 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 $54 $104 $62 $93

Whether you are a part of a married couple or a single person who still rents their own apartment, rates are fairly low and relatively competitive. The problem, however, comes when “high-risk” drivers ask for quotes from Cincinnati Financial. Drivers are considered high-risk if they have poor credit or if they have accidents/tickets on their driving record which suggest they might file claims with their insurance company in the future. And most insurance companies will hedge their bets against risky drivers by charging them higher premiums.

Pros and Cons of Cincinnati Financial Insurance

Pros Cons
Healthy financial strength ratings, and very low complaint rates compared to industry average Accurate quotes cannot be obtained online – prospective customers have to call a local agent
Option for enhanced suite of auto insurance benefits and perks through their Personal Auto Plus program Coverage not available in all 50 states

Although Cincinnati Financial markets itself as an insurance company that caters to those wealthy enough to afford things like classic cars and umbrella coverage, our research shows that they may be able to offer competitively affordable rates to even your average Joe and Jane – provided they have good credit and perfect driving records, of course. But it can be difficult to get a quote from their company without talking to a live agent over the phone. And even then, you still need to compare that quoted dollar amount to what other companies would charge you for a similar policy. To make it easier on yourself, go ahead and enter your zip code below to receive multiple quotes from major auto insurance companies in a matter of minutes.

Company Headquarters
P.O. Box 145496
Cincinnati, OH 45250-5496
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